Swedish hairdresser Nadia

Swedish hairdresser Nadia


Swedish hairdresser Nadia Jönning left Sweden a few years ago to embark on some new adventures in London. She has already opened up her own salon in central London and is extremely popular with both the English and the Swedish customers. So if you’re in London and looking for a hairdresser that knows the Scandinavian style, make sure to visit Nadia!



When and how did you come to the decision to move to London?

I moved to London about 6 years ago. After attending a few hairdressing courses in London I felt that I needed a change and wanted to get a bit further career wise. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.



What do you like the most and the least about your job?

I love being able to be creative and to create nice colours and cuts. I also really enjoy working on different photo shoots and I also did a job for the X Factor, which was great as I got to experience working for TV. I’m also very lucky to have really amazing customers.

I don’t really enjoy giving a perm, so I try to avoid that haha.



How would you describe a typical Swede?

Thinking about a typical Swede makes me thing of what I like the most, and that would be meatballs and pick and mix sweets! We are pretty reserved, and prefer not to sit next to anyone on the bus. We prefer black simple clothes. Average is best haha.



What is your favourite thing about the Nordic countries?

My favourite things about the Nordic countries are the nature, it’s very green, the calmness and the food. I also love the interior design and the fashion.



How does the Nordic style differ from the Brits?

The differences in hair is that the Brits often blow-dry their hair with a lot of volume, compared to the Scandinavians who more often want their hair more natural and not a lot of volume at all. Clothing wise I think that the Brits are more daring and choose more colours, compared to us who often wear more black and don’t like to stand out too much



Can you give us some of your best tips on how to get great hair?

My best tips on how to get great hair is first of all to find a hairdresser that you can trust and who understands exactly how you want your hair. Then the rights products are also very important. My favourite products come from Shu Uemura who is Japanese brand that contains a lot of natural oils. Then it’s good to use a good argan oil and to do a treatment once a week. Always use a product that protects your hair from heat damage before styling.



Where do we find you on a Saturday night?

You’ll probably find me at a bar or restaurant around Charlotte Street in central London.



What’s your favourite Swedish location?

The old town in Stockholm and Österlen in the south of Sweden.


To find Nadia visit her website http://www.jonningandriashi.co.uk/


As a special treat to our Nordique followers, Nadia is offering you a 15% discount on your first visit!

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