The Adventures of Rasmus & Karoline | The Travel Book

The Adventures of Rasmus & Karoline | The Travel Book

Meet Rasmus and Karoline - a Danish couple who loves to travel and explore the world! Here they have shared with us their journey together and how they got to develop their passion for travel and realise the importance of eco-friendly travelling.

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Let’s start with a introduction - tell us more about yourselves!

We are a couple from Denmark, and we have been together for four years. We have travelled all around the world to exotic destinations, but leaving a carbon footprint for many years. Now we’ve decided it´s time to change - and we want to prove that it's possible to change travel habits without compromising on either quality, luxury or great holiday experiences.

We are both passionate travellers and we want to make sure that we are able to show our future kids as many incredible places as we have been lucky enough to see. This is why we have decided to write an eco-friendly travel blog. In the beginning of our relationship Rasmus made travel books of our best memories from our holidays. They also included names of cities, restaurants, bars etc. This quickly led to friends and family who asked for our tips and recommendations, which is why we ended up making a website with all the recommendations instead of handing out our travel books all the time. This was the inspiration for the name of our blog - The Travel Book.

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Your adventures have taken you across the globe - what are your most memorable experiences?

We feel very fortunate and lucky to have seen as much of the world as we already have. The most memorable experience is most definitely our trip to a small island outside of the coast of Madagascar called Nosy Bee. The nature was untouched and the locals was not familiar with tourists. This gave us the best cultural learnings and most magnificent experiences - some also a bit scary.

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What are your favourites things to do when you go out exploring the world?

We do our absolute best to get a true experience of the country we visit. This includes getting to know their culture by talking to locals and trying their food and following their traditions.
Rasmus is a very passionate photographer/videographer and he love to get lost in the wilderness or cities with his camera gear.

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What do you always pack in your travel bags?

We are terrible at packing light which means we often travel with several bags. Even though we sometimes travel like backpackers we never pack like backpackers! Rasmus is a gear and gadget-geek which means we always bring at least 1-2 bags filled with only with camera equipment.

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What is your favourite Nordic country to visit?

We travelled around Norway and Sweden for a month in April 2019 and we absolutely fell in love with Norway. On a daily basis we had to stop, look at each other and go ´WOW´. The diversity between the absolutely mind-blowing nature, cute small villages and beautiful cities was perfect.

Favourite Nordic food?

Karoline is vegan so often we eat vegan meals which is never an issue to find in the Nordic countries. But for Rasmus, it has to be freshly caught smoked salmon or a classic local moose stew!

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Give us some tips on what not to miss when considering to visit the Nordic region, any hidden gems?

Our biggest learning has definitely been to drive around on our adventures instead of flying to destinations. To begin with we did it because we had a mission only to fly once in 2019. But on our Nordic Adventure around Norway and Sweden we quickly realised how much more we experienced while driving around. We got to see the country in a completely new way and learned so much more by stopping in smaller cities and drove to nature places you are only able to reach with a car.

The list is long of places we could recommend but here is a few: Hardangervidda, Telemark and Odda in Norway plus Orbaden and Värmland in Sweden.

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In recent years, the Nordic countries have become more of a destination to travel to - why do you think it has increased so much in popularity?

It is always nice to look at pictures of dreamy white beaches and crystal blue water in Asia, but we have the feeling of when you have seen a few of the best you have seen it all. The Nordic countries has a very unique landscape and a very popular cuisine that makes these countries very attractive to visit. For us the nature and landscape reminds of a bit of New Zealand but is way easier to visit for Europeans than a 30 hours flight to New Zealand!

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How has travelling changed you life?

We are both very lucky and fortunate that our parents has taking us travelling since we were infants. This is most likely also why we both are so passionate about travelling.
We believe that by exploring cultures, trying other traditions and listening and learning from people from other countries we can become better people with more respect for one another.

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What adventures are next?

Since our Nordic Adventure around Norway and Sweden was such a big success - we have decided to do a similar trip this summer around our home country Denmark.
We are both born and raised in Denmark but we know way to little about our own history, culture and the life outside of the capital Copenhagen.
So we will drive around Denmark for 4-5 weeks in a hybrid car and stay in eco-friendly accommodations. Besides that we will look to use Danish companies who are making a sustainable difference.

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