The Magical Nordic Nature | Aku Laitinen

The Magical Nordic Nature | Aku Laitinen

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Aku Laitinen

Aku Laitinen is a 23 year old photographer from a small town near Tampere in Finland. As well as bing an aspiring musician, Aki is a super-talented photographer. His main focus is on photos of the natural world, including the beautiful wilderness close to his home town.

“Spending time in nature is one of my ways to calm my mind and seek inspiration. I have always been interested in photography. I used disposable film cameras when I was really young. I started to get more serious about photography when I got my first DSLR at the age of 16 - I still use the same camera today.

It's hard to plan your shots when it comes to nature photography, especially when you are in a place where you have not been before. But then it can be more exciting, when you feel lost and wander to find something that looks interesting.”


Aku: “One of the most unforgettable moments from my first trip to Lofoten, Norway. It was quite cloudy when we arrived at the top of the Reinebringen mountain. All of a sudden the clouds started to vanish. Stunning sun-rays started to shine from behind the mountain tops. It drew my attention completely. It was July, way past midnight and the sun would stay at the horizon for few hours, then rise again.”


Aku:My first time photographing a fox, and still the only time. It was an urban fox so it wasn't really scared of us. It begged for food because people feed them, which I think is not the ideal situation when it comes to wildlife.”


Aku: “My most successful photo on Instagram so far. It's from one of my recent trips to the north of Finland. Reindeer always add something to the image when it comes to landscape nature photography in northern Finland. They really are part of the scenery. This was early morning and the mist was thick and atmospheric.”


Aku:Last winter marked a huge change in my photography. Before that winter I had played with dramatic colours and experimentations in Photoshop that led to pictures that didn't make sense in my head anymore. Something clicked in my head, and I knew I was really into this more minimalistic and less colours kind of photography. Some of my followers on Instagram saw different objects or animals in this photo, what can you see?”


Aku:White-throated dipper (Cinclus cinclus) is one of my favourite birds. It's fascinating to watch it dip into the freezing water in the winter and catch some fish or insects from the bottom. It's a popular bird in my home town in the winter, and its Finnish name is very related to the town.


Aku: Squirrels might be cute, but they are fast, sometimes quite hard to get even one good photo of them. The snowflakes you see in this photo are actually in the air because the squirrel stopped suddenly from a fast scurry”


Aku: “The sun glints off the fine snowflakes, swept up by the breeze flying in the crisp, cold winds of December.”


Aku: “One of those calm summer nights at our family's summer cottage. I was shooting the moon and the reflections in the water when I found this spider hanging from the branches. It was the perfect object in the foreground for photographing the moon.”


Aku: “One of those happy accidents when I was shooting just some stuff on the ground. I didn't really see the potential of the photo in the moment when I took it. After I edited it and shared on Instagram, I realised it was just the kind of minimalistic nature shot that I wanted to create.”


Aku: “Just because pigeons are not hard to find or get close of them doesn't mean they are a bad object of photography. They can be quite diverse kinds of characters.”

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