Tartlets with panna cotta and cloudberry jelly!

Tartlets with panna cotta and cloudberry jelly!

Emma Brink Rask is a communication strategist and a passionate home baker from Sweden! In the spring of 2017 she started her own baking-blogg, offering simple baking recipes, with finesse and elegance. Emma wants to inspire simple and delicious baking that everyone try at home. Emma is also passionate about photography and styling, and aims to couple this with her baking - making delicious treats that are as beautiful to look at as they are to eat!


Before this recipe I has never baked anything with cloudberry before. In fact, if I am honest I had rarely eaten anything with cloudberry before! But my husband is from Norrland, the county in the far north of Sweden. There cloudberries are a delicious delicacy and in fact I was sent a jar of frozen cloudberries from my mother-in-law! I decided that I really wanted to try to bake something with them. I asked my husband what he most associated with cloudberry and his answer was almond pastry shells with cloudberries and cream. So, this is my take on just that. A tartlet shell of almond pastry, vanilla panna cotta and cloudberry jelly!”


One thing that you have to be really careful with, as I learned the hard way, was to really make sure that the tartlet shell has no holes in it. It is also important to brush them with beaten eggs as soon as they come out of the oven so that they will not soften when you are then pouring into the pan.”


If you want to make the gel in silicone moulds as I have done, please do this the day before and leave them in the freezer overnight, then apply them to the solidified panna cotta while frozen. But it is equally as good to pour the gel directly onto the solidified panna cotta and allow the gel to solidify in the refrigerator.”


Tartlets with panna cotta and cloudberry jelly


8 Tartlets of 8 cm or a larger pie that is around 20 cm. Serves 8 people.


60 grams of whole almonds with shells on

0.75 grams of powdered sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla sugar

100 grams of butter

2 dl of flour

1 egg (whisk in a glass, use half in the dough and half to brush the pie shell when it comes out of the oven.)


1. Add almonds, sugar and vanilla sugar to a food processor and mix to a flour.

2. Add butter (broken into pieces), flour and half of the egg and mix until it mixes into a dough.

3. Paste the dough and let it rest in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

4. Roll out the dough and dress tartlet moulds or a pie shape with it. Set it in the freezer for 15 minutes and then bake in 160 degrees fan-assisted (175 degrees regular oven) for about 12 minutes until they have a nice golden brown color. Brush them properly inside with eggs just as you take them out, this is to isolate them from the moisture that comes when we fill them.

5. Let them cool completely.


2 gelatin leaves

2 teaspoons vanilla paste or 1 vanilla bar

5 cup whipped cream

0.5 dl of powdered sugar


1. Put the gelatin leaves in cold water for at least 10 minutes

2. Heat cream, vanilla and powdered sugar in a pan and cook.

3. Allow the cream to cool slightly and then melt the gelatin in. Allow to cool to room temperature.

4. Pour the pan pan into the cold pie shell and set in the refrigerator and allow to solidify for 2-3 hours.


2 gelatin leaf

100 grams of frozen cloudberries

1 dl water

1 teaspoon of pressed lemon

2 tablespoons powdered sugar


1. Boil the cloudberry with water, lemon juice and sugar.

2. Mix everything with a stick mixer and strain into a bowl. Add the gelatin and mix until it is completely melted.

3. Pour the liquid into the spiral and freeze overnight, or pour it directly over the solidified panna cotta and solidify in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.


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