Skandinavisk - Scents capturing the Scandinavian lifestyle

Skandinavisk - Scents capturing the Scandinavian lifestyle

“Skandinavisk was started by two English chaps who fell in love with two blonde Scandinavian girls and never left. Our collection is inspired by fifteen years of travels and experiences across the Nordic region.”

Shaun Russell and Gerry Kingham founded the brand in 2012, and launched their first scented candles in 2013, with the idea of bringing Scandinavia to life through design and fragrance, with all seasons in mind, blossoming summers to frozen winters, and also the Scandinavians thoughtful way of life. Spending ten years living in Sweden and Denmark, and also travelling around across the Nordic countries, Shaun began to understand the uniqueness of the Nordic lifestyle.


“The balance of vast landscapes and raw seasons with the quiet sophistication of the inhabitants and their enviable ability to create cosiness, fellowship and happiness in the smallest everyday moments”.

A story that Shaun decided to transport to the scent of the candles.

‘Scandinavians burn more candles than any nation on earth and a candle is recognised as a catalyst for ‘hygge’, so it seemed a natural thing to do,’.

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Their candles capture the warmth and cosiness of the idyllic Scandinavian lifestyle, the raw nature, endless summers, family priorities, and the feeling of being content. The inspirations are endless, a personal Copenhagen garden is behind the inspiration for the Rosehave fragrances, the Scandinavian sea behind the Hav collection, Hygge for the collection inspired by cosiness, and Skog from the endless Scandinavian woods, to mention just a few.

One of their three original launch fragrances, HAV, the Scandinavian translation for “sea”, has launched a new version of the fragrance, this one focusing on the moment where the cold Baltic and Atlantic waters touches the peninsula.

The collection is produced locally in Sweden and Denmark, and contains the resilient scents of the rugosa rose and hawthorn from the shoreline, inviting you to discover the distant Scandinavian shores, and helps you deal with the unforgiving Scandinavian climate of cold air, harsh wind and low humidity.


“Living Scandinavian is not just which part of the world you come from, it’s also how you think, how you treat others, and what you treasure. We believe a Scandinavian approach to life offers a blueprint for a better future in a world that’s forgetting how to listen to quieter voices. Imagine a great land hidden at the end of a long rocky track. A land populated by silent forests, silvery lakes, secluded islands and mountains of snow. Where nature dominates and seasons dictate. A land larger than Germany, France and Italy but one-tenth of the people. With more boats and bicycles than those owning them, and a border to continental Europe just sixty kilometres long. This is a land that has plotted its own course, shaped a different way of living over centuries. Where community, consciousness and timeless values of trust, equality, respect thrive. Where its inhabitants place the greatest priority on life balance, on fellowship, family and friends, and on everyday moments of shared happiness. Romantic? Idealistic? We think not. It’s genuine. And it’s something everyone should experience.”


Their collection is ever growing, apart from scented candles, Skandinavisk also offers scent diffusers, perfume oils and hand & body care. With the team spread out across Denmark, Sweden and England, all products are made either in Scandinavia, or in the EU, and can now be bought in stores across the world, from Stockholm to Taiwan or Norway to Japan.

Skandinavisk products does not test on animals nor do they contain any animal products (except beeswax in their hand creams), they do not contain any parabens, phlatates, silicones or micro beads, and they use recyclable Danish PE plastic for the packaging, and their packaging cards come from managed Swedish forests.

Their philosophy? ‘To teach the world to hygge. Hygge is an approach to life that is timeless, universal and treasured. It is one of the reasons why the Danes are constantly ranked the world’s happiest nation; it boils down to the fact that they prioritise the small moments in everyday life and draw comfort from them, rather than deferring happiness to a future moment such as the weekend, the vacation, the new car, job, house etc. They live in the moment and they value companionship.’

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