Nordic Food Tales

Nordic Food Tales

Jenni and Saara are visual storytellers from Helsinki in Finland. They focus on the beautiful nature, stunning landscapes and unique, seasonal foods of the Scandinavian region, each brought to life with their wonderful photography techniques. Nordique had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Jenni and Saara, to learn more about their fabulous venture: 'Nordic Food Tales'. 


ŸSaara: "Initially we both had own own separate food blogs. Jenni had been running hers for ten years whereas I had just about started. We met through blogging and noticed we both shared very strong connections as to our likes and ambitions. We went together to a food photography workshop in Crete held by the famous Betty Liu. During the photography retreat we got to know bloggers and food photographers from abroad and felt like it would be so great to get know more like-minded people outside of Finland too. We figured out we could try doing an English-language Instagram account together, and we haven't looked back since! 


Jenni: "Finland is not a particularly well-known place outside of the Nordic region. We want to inspire people and tell stories visually from our country. And actually not just Finland but the Nordic region in general. We want to show why we love the life here in the north".


Saara: "Nordic food is more popular than ever. It's the seasonal and local ingredients that we love the most about nordic cuisine.

Food is in sync with nature and changes with the different seasons. Nordic cooking respects the ingredients that are available, which results in pure flavours. During the short summer months we take full advantage of the harvest season, but also preserve food for the long winter months to come. We believe people seek simplicity and want to feel closer to nature - that’s what Nordic cuisine is all about and explains part of the attraction. It’s also a delicious and a naturally healthy whole food diet."


Jenni and Saara explained that there has been a trend in Scandinavia to move away from fine dining for a while. "We are going back to our roots, to where the whole nordic food trend started in the first place before everything got way too polished. We're seeing more simple dishes, wholesome food and traditional recipes that people actually cook in their homes. Also Finnish people are quite eager to try out vegan options - a move away from the traditional cuisine in the region.


So, what is next for Nordic Food Tales?

Jenni: "We will continue connecting with foodies around the world! That has been definitely the best part so far. Our cook book is coming out this spring and we are obviously excited! We’ll continue experimenting and see where that will take us!"

See more of Nordic Food Tales at their Instagram - @nordicfoodtales
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