Nordic Scenery with Samson Blay

Nordic Scenery with Samson Blay

This week Nordique is profiling Samson Blay, a 17-year-old Danish student, who absolutely loves telling stories through his visual work and being creative. Samson currently attends business college in Denmark and in his free time is a freelance photographer and videographer.


Samson Blay

Instagram: @Samson_Blay

I've always been so fascinated by how we as humans communicate. Through facial expressions, through speech and through photos and art. I'm so intrigued by how different tones and perspectives can show different feelings and tell different stories. My style of photography changes a lot. I love doing abstract stuff from different perspectives but it really depends on the mood I'm in. My photos are extremely different depending on if I'm sad or happy the day I took it, and that is exactly why I love photography, it's an art, and it doesn't all have to be the same.”


Location: Folldal, Norway.

Samson: “We found a beautiful place to sleep, and I snapped this cool photo of a house nearby. I feel like it would be such an amazing place to live.


Location: Herning, Denmark.

Samson: “I love this picture because it reminds me to remember to look up. Our world is so extremely beautiful and more people just need to look more up. Love the clouds here.


Location: Somewhere in Norway

Samson: “After a long day of hitchhiking in Norway, my friend and I rest for a bit, before proceeding.


Location: Dovrefjell, Norway.

Samson: “This is probably one of my favourite pictures. My friend and I had hiked for a while to get here and then suddenly this was in front of us. One of the craziest views. Imagine living in that little house down there, crazy huh? Just all alone in front of a stone giant.”


Location: Kristiansand.

Samson: “Out sailing with my dad, and I snapped this picture, which I really like.


Location: Sprogø, Denmark.

Samson:These pictures were taken on the way home from an amazing adventure in Copenhagen. I was sitting in the bus ready to post a picture on Instagram, but then I looked out the window and saw this beautiful golden hour and I knew that I had to post this instead. It’s crazy what can happen when you look up from your phone!


Location: Copenhagen

Samson:I see this picture as a really relevant picture for the time it was taken. It was taken the first time I ever did an Instagram Collaboration with some other people. I met up with them in Copenhagen and we went on a really cool photoshoot where they showed me the city. I really feel like the metaphor of new windows being opened makes sense.”


Location: Botanical Garden, Copenhagen.

Samson: “There is nothing better than ending a crazy day in Copenhagen in the Botanical Garden. This place is so amazing and I feel really proud of this photograph.”

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