Nordic Photography | Joakim Lundberg

Nordic Photography | Joakim Lundberg

Nordique has been lucky enough to feature some very talented landscape photographers recently, and Joakim Lundberg is no exception! Joakim lives near Gothenburg, Sweden, with his wife and two children. Nordique is delighted to feature some of Joakim’s incredible photographs, and to speak with him about his creative inspirations!

Joakim: “I’ve always liked to create things, which I have to thank my father for. He’s a truly inspiring person when it comes to creating stories. It began with painting when I was a kid, then when I was a teenager I tried my hand at writing music writing with a band. Eventually I turned photography - from the day I started I just loved it! It has been a new way to express my creative side in the last couple of years. And also it’s much easier to work with things that don’t require singing and playing instruments when the kids are sleeping nowadays.


How did your interest in photography start?

Joakim: “It really kicked off about four years ago, when I bought my first camera. The reason for the investment was that me and my wife had our first child at that time, and I wanted to be able to capture the moments with her and our family in a better way. When I then started to learn how to use a camera I fell in love with it - the whole process of exploring things and finding new perspectives as well as going through all material and then editing in the style I like.


What photographic equipment do you use?

Joakim: “I use a Canon 70D, which actually was the first camera I bought almost four years ago. i’ve just been buying some extra lenses to add different focal lengths. I might change my setup in the coming year or so – we’ll see. In addition to that I have a drone as well (DJI Mavic Pro).


What are you trying to share with your photography? And how do you seek to inspire others?

Joakim: “ try to create a quite cohesive look and storyboard that I hope inspires people. Instagram is a great community to share and interact with others, so hope what I do makes some people feel inspiration to share their stories. I have gained so much by those I’ve connected with. And also, I really enjoy exploring new places even though I don’t have so much time due to work and family life. Therefore, I try capture the moments we experience - both on our travels as well as things in our everyday life in Sweden.

To be totally honest, I never thought I would want to go out on hikes and stuff like that. I’ve always been kind of relaxed, but the curiosity of exploring is growing on me each day. With that said, it’s never too late to start exploring new things. One last thing I think we should be more observant of – our everyday surroundings. It’s so easy to be longing for travels or places we’ve seen others visit, but I think there are so many places close by that are filled with beauty or uniqueness. I really like drone shots just for that reason. You are able to get a totally different perspective of a place that you might already explored or just doesn’t appear so interesting to you from ground level. Take these shots below for example. They come from a road leading through Mölnlycke, nothing special from the ground really, but from above I like how the road feels like a divider between two worlds (or something like that, at least!). Finding those spots are such great fun!


Do you take a lot of photographs in Gothenburg?

Joakim: “When I first started out and lived in Gothenburg I took a lot of photos all over town, just to get a hold of all settings. I tried some street and city photography for a while before I went to Iceland in September 2018. After that I got really hooked on nature and landscape stuff, which is something I prefer shooting more of today. But there are so many places that are beautiful, interesting or simply fun to explore - no matter the style of your shot - and Gothenburg has a lot to offer in that sense. Don’t forget all those iconic trams all over town!

Where are your favourite places in Gothenburg?

Joakim: “In Gothenburg it has to be around Röda Sten in Majorna. I lived close to that place when I lived in town. I just loved strolling around there, and have tons of shots from there, in all weather. During heavy rain it tends to get big puddles around there which kind of let you enjoy the rain a bit more. Other than that kind of depends on what you want to explore. There are a lot of perks to living around Gothenburg - like Delsjön, Trädgårdsföreningen and all the small islands just a boat ride away by the coast, like Vrångö or Knippla for example.“


You have travelled some amazing locations in the Nordic countries and around the world, what have been your favourite destinations and why?

Joakim: “First off, my personal favourite in the Nordics so far is Iceland. Just love the landscapes, mood and beauty that place provides. It really makes me tick. On our last trip there we drove around 1100 km during two intense days. The roads, waterfalls, churches, glaciers and those surrounding landscapes are just jaw-dropping. Secondly, we went to Mallorca on our honeymoon this summer and there’s a place that combines the solitude together with fantastic views along the west coast. Yeah, more or less around the whole island actually. Just rent a car and drive. But with that said, Sweden and the west coast where I live has a lot of fantastic places as well. Marstrand is one lovely and very cozy place to go with the family, for example.”


What’s your next adventure?

Joakim: “The next big adventure will probably be next summer/autumn when our family might go on a trip to Norway. I will also (most likely) return to Iceland for a couple of days in September as well. Nothing more than that at the moment but we’ll see what adventures I will find nearby home and around Sweden until then!”

See more of Joakim’s pictures at: @joakim.ludvig

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