Timeless design with MOIMOI Accessories

Timeless design with MOIMOI Accessories

This week Nordique is delighted to profile a fantastic partnership behind a wonderful Nordic product. Raquel and Kalle are the founders of the successful MOIMOI brand, which specialises in beautiful handcrafted leather bags and other accessories. They have come together from different parts of the world - Racquel from the Atlantic Coast of Spain, and Kalle from mid-Finland. Raquel’s background is in fashion sales and design, while Kalle has previously worked in digital design.

They came together with a philosophy to make practical, timeless products, but without having to sacrifice on looks!

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Tell us why you decided to start MOIMOI? How did your partnership/collaboration start?

Raquel & Kalle: “Our journey started from a need: we simply couldn’t find the bags we wanted to use – handcrafted, minimalistic and designed for modern day use. So we decided to make our own! After Raquel finished an exchange year in Finland, she started sketching out some product designs, always with sustainability in mind - and that was the initial spark from which the MOIMOI brand formed.”


As a Spanish/Finnish collaboration, how would you describe the design of MOIMOI? Where do you get your inspiration from?

Raquel & Kalle: “We combine the practical Finnish design philosophy with the long leatherwork traditions from Spain. This way we get the best parts from both origins. We get inspired from our own needs and design products for our own use. We design all our products in Helsinki and produce them in Spain and Finland. We keep our production inside EU to ensure we know everyone involved in the production chain. Every product has details on it showing where it has been produced to keep things transparent. All our products are made with artisanal techniques and vegetal tanned leather.”


Raquel - What do you love most about life in Helsinki? And why did you decide to make the move from Spain to Finland?

Raquel:I really like to live in Helsinki – it is small enough to be able to walk almost everywhere and at the same time there are a lot of things happening because it is the capital. We also have the sea here and a lot of green parks for relaxing weekends - especially on the long summer nights. I came to Finland for the first time in 2005 as an exchange student, and I really liked the Nordic way of living: it’s less hectic and people are more in contact with nature. In 2009, I came back for an internship already with the idea of starting my own project, and during this time I met Kalle – it was a perfect match, and we decided to launch MOIMOI together here.

Which is your favourite piece from your collection and which one do you use the most yourself?

Kalle: “I really like the OTTO bag and I use it almost daily. It’s both business-like and casual at the same time and I can use it in many different occasions. I can also fit all my necessary (and unnecessary!) things in it easily.


Raquel: “My favourite is BOMBOM. It was one of our first designs and I still use it all the time. It has got enough room for the essentials and it uplifts any look. For carrying my laptop I always go for SILVIA.


For any of our readers that are visiting Helsinki, what can they simply not miss?

R&K: “Löyly! It’s a beautiful big sauna in the centre of Helsinki built from
certified sustainably-grown wood. The architecture of the sauna is well thought-through. It’s both practical and the aesthetics are great - just like our bags! Recently it was also listed as one of the top 100 greatest places in the world to visit by Time magazine

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