Vardåsen House | Norway

Vardåsen House | Norway

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This stunning architect-designed home really captures some of the best features of Scandinavian design. Located close to Grimstad, on Norway's southern coast, this home is the brainchild of Oslo-based Schjelderup Trondahl architects. Although built in a well-developed residential area, the actual site of the home gives a feeling of space, as it overlooks the nearby fjords and forests.

The footprint of the site is relatively small, meaning that it was essential to design a plot that fitted seamlessly with the wooded areas, while accounting for the road that runs to the north and west of the property. Inside, the living room connects to a fluid outdoor space, giving the impression that the site is much bigger than it really is. The views stretch over a grassy field all the way up to the beautiful ridge and deciduous forest some distance away – creating a feeling that whole perspective forms part of a private space.

The rough, tactile materiality of the ground floor gently matches the precise detailing of the first floor wooden surfaces, together creating a feeling of warm and subtle sophistication without being overly expensive. The internal spacial arrangement makes the house dynamic and transparent, creating personal spaces and changing experiences as one moves from room to room.

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The design of the living area ensures a natural flow of light, even incorporating a floor to ceiling window from the first floor to create the impression of a mezzanine level. Pine materials, large windows and a huge marble floor create a modern Scandinavian design. 

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The outdoor terrace area features a wood-fired stove and poured-concrete floor. It beautifully links the outside garden with the indoor living space - perfect for the long Scandinavian summer evenings. 

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The view from the first floor window, looking over the kitchen and living area. 

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The terrace in summer - a lovely place to relax with a book and an ice cold drink!

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This view of the outside of the property shows the stunning cubic design of the house, including the upstairs balcony area. The house is designed to almost have its back to the road, with the main windows and garden area being sheltered on the other side, away from passers-by. It is this bespoke, unique approach that really sets this place apart - each aspect of the property being specifically designed for the plot on which it sits. 

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The interior design mirrors the minimalistic, modernist design of the property itself, with exposed concrete walls Scandinavian-inspired furniture and carefully selected modernist art works. The feeling created is of a stylish but homely place, perfect for the family while also being a wonderful entertainment space. 

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Architects: Schjelderup Trondahl architects
Photo credits: Jonas Adolfsen and Niklas Hart
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QUU Design

Photographing Finland with Toni Töyräs

Photographing Finland with Toni Töyräs