Exploring the Nordics with Eppu Niemi

Exploring the Nordics with Eppu Niemi

Eppu Niemi is a 22 year old photographer and filmmaker from Finland. He is currently studying Media at university in the city of Joensuu.

Eppu: “ I have always been interested in photography since I was a child. I remember looking at a lot at photographs and I actually won a really simple film camera in a raffle and used it a lot during trips with my family. When I got into my teen years I started snowboarding and I actually believed I could make a career out of it. Well during snowboarding we started to film our tricks and that's when I picked up the camera again. I liked to shoot others but at the same time I really enjoyed snowboarding.”

It was when I had to do my compulsory military service that I started thinking more of photography. I served there as an photographer and got lessons about photography for the first time. That's when my images started to improve and I really have been on that path since.”

Eppu is also an avid traveller, and puts the inspiration for his wanderlust down to his parents, who loved their annual holidays away with the family. He has travelled to many places around the world, but some of his fondest memories are from close to home: “We rented a car and drove through the whole of Norway and then across Sweden to Stockholm too. We then took the ferry back to Finland. Norway was insanely beautiful and it's so nice to realise that I don't have to travel to the other side of the world for some amazing mountains…Travelling is something I really enjoy and I love exploring new places and photography has become my passion and something of what I think of every day.”

“I really have only seen so little of our beautiful country so there is so much more to explore for me. I would love to visit the national parks in Lapland especially around Pallas, Kilpisjärvi and then the Eastern part of Lapland. Also the archipelago would be so cool to explore. I have visited most of the national parks close to where I live but since they are so huge I really want to spend more time wandering in them. Koli National park, Repovesi National park and Oulanka National Park to name a few.”

Eppu has shared with us some of the wonderful pictures that he has taken in his trips around the Nordic region. They really provides a mystical, magical view of this stunning land. Enjoy!


“This is actually taken on a road close to my parents’ place during Autumn few years back. It shows that you don't always have travel long distances to find nice spots.”


“This one is from a friends’s summer cabin here in Finland during a beautiful sunset last summer.”


“One of my favourite waterfalls in Iceland since we had to hike few hours to get there and there was nobody else.”


“I rarely shoot anything else than landscapes but these puffins in Iceland were way too cute not to photograph”


“This is one of my favourites from last summer during a nice sunset paddling on our home lake.”


“Also definitely one of my favourites. This is taken few weeks back in our local National Park which is called Koli when the sun was setting with these beautiful clouds rolling in.”


“A husky ride shot from last winter trip’s to Levi in Lapland.”


“This one is from our road trip through Finland and Norway. It is taken at Kilpisjärvi Finland which is a place I would love to visit again!”


“This is a follow up from the last image from Kilpisjärvi where we hiked to the top on the arctic hill called Saana.”


“This river/rapid is a bit less than an hour ride from where I live these days and during autumn the sun aligned really nicely and I ended up getting this one. It has been fun to get new photography friends in school.”


“This is a shot of my girlfriend last autumn when the leaves were at their yellowest and it was really windy so they were falling from the trees in masses. When we later that day walked past this spot most of the leaves where already on the ground.”


“Photography is so hard during winter in Finland since it's so cold and there's so much snow so getting to places is hard and you are always freezing…. especially for your fingers.”


“One of my favourites! This is actually one of the first shots that I took when I learned to use a camera in the army. Maybe that's the reason it holds a dear spot in my heart.”

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