Cabin at Femunden

Cabin at Femunden

Located on the shores of Lake Femunden, close to the World Heritage Site of Røros in Eastern Norway, lies this fabulous cabin designed by Aslak Haanshuus Arkitekter AS. The location is truly stunning - right on the edge of Femundsmarka National Park, which is part of the largest continuous wilderness area in Southern Scandinavia.


Originally there were two small log cabins located on this site, and the owner wanted to ensure that both were incorporate into the new design. Each cabin is approximately 15 m2, with one being over a hundred years old, and the other being a much more recent copy of the first.


The two original log cabins are now used as a guest room and a storage room, while the new development has been to add a main cabin on the site. This new cabin consists of two wings, connected by a generous entrance that you can access directly from the covered court. In the westerly wing there is even that true Scandinavian favourite - a sauna!


The roofing on the cabin consists of a combination of regular corrugated steel, and translucent corrugated roofing panels in the same dimension. The translucent roofing panels are placed between the indoor volumes, to give downlight to the covered outdoor areas. They are used in correlation to the doors and windows as well, minimizing loss of indoor lighting due to shadows cast by the overhanging eaves.

The living area, with a fireplace and the kitchen area, is located in the main wing, stretching directly southward, along with a bedroom. The living area opens out to a seemingly endless view across the Femunden Lake and the distant mountains. 


Inside, the emphasis is clearly on use of the abundant natural pine materials that can be found locally. The light wood colouration helps to bring warmth and accentuate the natural light, even in the midst of a dark Nordic winter. The reindeer pelt throws help to break up the clean lines and add a cosy feature to the decor.

Architect: Aslak Haanshuus Arkitekter AS
Location: Femunden, Norway
Photographs by: Tom Gustavsen
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