At Home with Mersina Karlsson!

At Home with Mersina Karlsson!

Meet Mersina Karlsson, a busy mother of two who lives in the surburban area of Nacka, close to the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Mersina owns a beautiful home which was built in the year of 1911, and this week Nordique have had the pleasure to see more of her stunning home!


Tell us more about you!

“I am a 35-year-old young mother who is currently on maternity leave with my latest son, Edward who just turned one. I also have my five year old son August together with my husband Marcus who has a background as a carpenter but now works as a department manager at building company. When I am not on parental leave, I work at H&M's marketing department.”


Tell us a bit about the town Nacka where you live!

“Nacka is a fantastic suburb of Stockholm! It is a lovely area with lots of green space, and it is close to the archipelago but still close to town. The area where we live is called Kummelnäs, which is a mixed area of new and old buildings. This area is particularly an old holiday home area where the weekend cottages have slowly turned into all year round accommodations.”


What are your favourite places to visit in your home area?

“I love going down to the local jetty and taking the boat out to the archipelago, eating smoked shrimp at the restaurant Rökeriet by the area Fjäderholmarna. Or just simply enjoy a nice summer day, packing our swimwear and a thermos of coffee and going out to the area of Grinda for a full day with sun and bath. Also I love not and a again to take the bike to a place called Yasuragi to enjoy their SPA, or just to pop in for a glass of wine!”


How would you describe your home?

“Our house is an early 19th century home that we have spent a lot of love and hard work to restore, where we tried to preserve the old charm but also to add modern elements. We have used a lot of natural materials and paid focus to emphasis on the details. But above all, it is a home filled with lots of love and warmth!”


How has the house evolved since the start of your renovation? Tell us more about the journey!

“We bought our house about ten years ago, and back then it was in great need of renovation. It had no insulation, running water, sewer or electricity! We had to basically demolish everything to the ground and rebuild everything, but we did of course save some of the character features such as doors, windows, stove and wood stove. But still today we always have some projects going on in our house! And slowly but surely we are turning our attention to the garden, we have quite a large plot so we make sure to fix something every summer.”


Where do you find your interior inspiration from?

“I would say mostly from Instagram and all the fantastic accounts I follow there. But also newspapers, cafes, and homes that I visit! Basically anything I find beautiful inspires me!

What do you love most about your home, and your favourite room or piece of furniture?

“We have a fantastic food porch that is completely glazed and has a fantastic light inlet, something we love here in the north. We want to take advantage of the sun once it has arrived! Favourite furniture would probably be my one of my auction finds, an 18th century floor clock that is so beautiful and stately. I love furniture with a story!”


See more of Mersina’s beautiful home at @karlsson.under.taket

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