At home with Hannes Mauritzson

At home with Hannes Mauritzson

At Nordique, we love showcasing real homes around Scandinavia. This week we have had the pleasure to get a glimpse of the home of Hannes Mauritzson, who lives in the south of Sweden in the town of Helsingborg!


Tell us a bit more about you!

“I live with my partner Alexander and our dog Charlie in the old parts of Helsingborg in a lovely late 19th-century-style apartment. I work at IKEAs headquarters located in Helsingborg, but my dream is to work in public relations and communication. I’ve dedicated the last few years to studies in strategic communication, media and public relations.”


How would you describe your home?

“My home is constantly changing – but one thing that always stays the same is my interest for the Scandinavian design. I like to keep it simple, which for some people can be considered boring, but for me it’s necessary in my process of finding peace within. My home needs to be the place where I can find peace with myself and explore my thoughts and ideas. My home allows my dreams to evolve and expand. The late 19th-century-style apartment reflects me. I feel like an old soul trapped in a modern era.”


Tell us a bit about the area in Sweden you live:

“I live in Helsingborg, one of the oldest cities of what now is Sweden, close to the strait that divides Sweden from Denmark. It has lots of old architecture and nature close by, which we prefer due the choice to have a dog. It is a big difference from Stockholm, which we lived in for five years, but nothing we regret. Helsingborg is and feels like home – for now and many years to come.”

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Favourite places to do/visit in your home area?

“I love to start the day by taking a walk by Kärnan, a medieval tower in Helsingborg. It is the only part remaining of a larger Danish fortress. I also have to recommend Sofiero Palace, one of the Swedish royal family’s old country mansions, which today serves as a very large garden with lots of beautiful things look at. It is just as lovely in the summer as in the winter. Other then that you should really take advantage of all the different cafés and restaurants that are located in each corner in Helsingborg. They are all lovely and unique.”

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Where do you find your interior inspiration from?

“I find inspiration from other peoples home, mostly through Instagram and Pinterest, and from allowing myself to explore and mix different styles. I also believe that the home you choose to live in has a soul, just like you, that somehow tells you what it needs in able to flourish.”


Tell us what you love most about your home!

“What I love most about my home is how it reflects me as an individual – we are connected. It may sound cheesy, but often when I am home alone I walk through my home and talk to it. I thank it for being my home. The bright colours in combination with the sunlight that hits my windows all day long is also something I love. My favourite room is my office, lounge, which is located in the buildings tower. It is my own nest where I aspire to grow as an individual. My next mission in life is to allow myself to start painting, probably not good, but at least something. Other people love my kitchen the most, which is understandable because I share that love too, but my office in the tower is something that I get to keep for myself. It’s my big secret and the place where I go to be creative.”

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See more of Hannes home at @hannesmauritzon

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