At Home with Anna Rolander

At Home with Anna Rolander

This week Nordique are showcasing the home of Swedish interior design enthusiast Anna Rolander. Her beautiful Scandinavian-inspired home in Uppsala is a down to earth and cosy place that reflects her own personal love of Nordic decor.

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Tell us a bit more about yourself - When did your interest in interior design start and how did you develop this?

I have always been interested in interior design since early childhood. I designed floor plans that I cut out and glued furniture on from the IKEA catalog as a 10-year old. I have always loved to redecorate spaces with paint, wallpaper or fabrics! With this having such a big part of my life, for me exercise and being outdoors in nature is also very important to me. It works as a counterbalance to the superficial part of what interior design and styling can be. I also like DIY projects and to remake, to change something to something else and maybe to something better. I need to work creatively with my hands. I went on a ceramic course and it was fun, now I'm going to try a course in sculpture.”

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How would you describe your style at home?

I want my home to be perceived as homely and for it to feel personal. I am fairly updated on current trends in interior design, but I don’t look to re-create this in my own home. I like to mix old and new things, but also to keep within the colour scheme of white, beige and grey scale. I adore white oiled wood floors and light surface layers! In my home natural materials such as wool and linen can be found. Home-made built display cabinet (with a little help from my dad) can also be seen and of course some DIY and remake projects!

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Where do you get your inspiration?

I get inspiration from so many different ways, by being out in nature, browsing in magazines, reading books, and of course via social media such as Pinterest and Instagram. But also by people that I come across in my life!

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What is Favourite piece of furniture in your home and why?

I like my bat armchair, which I bought for my bedroom back in the 80's. It comes from IKEA and for a long period it was tucked away in storage in our place in the country, but I have given it a place in my home again. I can certainly say it is now a favourite in my living room! I also like my folding table in the kitchen, which comes from my grandparents. And of course my chairs and pallets! I have a weak spot for chairs and pallets. I have many quite a few, neither are the same and all are unique in shape or colour. Some I have inherited, others are new and some I found second-hand.

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What is Nordic and Scandinavian interior design for you?

I think instantly of light wood, light walls, with a simple and scaled-back look. For me I think of nature as an element in interior design with plants, basket and a botanic feel. I also associate with other natural materials such as linen, wool, clay and ceramic.

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This is folding table in my kitchen that belonged to my grandmother and grandfather, a much loved piece of mine

Why not check out more of Anna’s home on her instagram @annainredare

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