A Scandinavian Kitchen Story

A Scandinavian Kitchen Story



“I created my blog to inspire others to cook with love and simplicity. To create a place where people can make holistic healthy everyday choices that are in line with a Nordic lifestyle.”

This week we have caught up with foodie Caroline Vass, who runs the excellent food blog ‘a Scandinavian Kitchen Story’. Caroline shared with us the story behind her blog, her inspirations, her top tips, an of course some lovely photos of her delicious food!

Tell us a bit about yourself and where you are from?

I was born in Malmö, Sweden, but my parents are from Budapest in Hungary. I grew up with a Hungarian culture in my home, but later on I moved to Spain and then Australia - so very international! After I had my first child I moved back to Malmö to be closer to my parents.

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What do you love about life in Sweden?

I love that it’s clean, there’s nature, there are changing seasons. I also love that there is an international scene here - food wise it’s a real cultural melting pot.


Tell us the story behind ‘A Scandinavian Kitchen Story’ - how did it all start?

I always loved food and how there is a story behind the foods we are brought up with. Mine are connected to my grandmother mostly. Recipes that are handed down from generation to generation - how the traditions are sustained.

Having a heritage from one country but being brought up in another one made this even more important.

I created my blog to inspire others to cook with love and simplicity. To create a place where people can make holistic healthy everyday choices that are in line with a Nordic lifestyle.


What is your favourite Scandinavian food?

I really love the simplicity of Scandinavian food, the uncomplicated flavours. I really love cod fried in brown butter, point cabbage and peas.

I also love a good salmon salad with primeur vegetables. There really is something about a clean fatty fish with the crunchiness of the early vegetables.

Meatballs are of course a Scandinavian classic that can not be forgotten! With mashed potatoes and a good cream sauce. It’s damn delicious.

What are your favourite places to eat/drink locally in Malmö?

  • Atrium - it’s one of the best coffee places in town.

  • Jord - the best porridge breakfast ever!

  • Slottsträdgårdens café - When it’s summer there is no place like this. They work and change with the seasons and they do it so well.

  • Restaurang Rebel - Scandinavian food at its best. I love this place.

  • Namu - It’s a taste explosion in your mouth. Pure love from the Korean kitchen.

  • Mastio - The best pizzas, with a Scandinavian twist.

What do you like to cook?

I love to cook to entertain. I love it when I can gather my family and friends around our big kitchen table to show them my love for them with the things I cook. I like to cook for people I love. I also make a mean brunch menu haha!


Where do you get your inspiration from?

Usually from trying to solve a problem. Like when I try to merge the Scandinavian kitchen with the Hungarian and I’m trying to create beautiful flavour pairings. And of course from looking at other food bloggers and meeting other people. Hearing other people’s stories are fascinating on so many levels, I always get new inspiration from that.


Tjelta House | Norway

Tjelta House | Norway

Swedish photographer Fredrik Berglund

Swedish photographer Fredrik Berglund