A magical trip to Iceland | Clara Serdoura

A magical trip to Iceland | Clara Serdoura

Meet Clara Serdoura, A 24 year old medical student from Porto in northern Portugal. Clara have a huge passion for photography and travel, and for Nordique this week she is sharing her beautiful photographs from her trip to Iceland!


Clara:I started to take an interest in photography, especially food photography, during my teenage years. I would spend hours surfing the web searching for food blogs and drooling over the computer. I eventually convinced my parents to give me a camera, which I'm still using today, from here I started experimenting and learning more about photography. As I continued to fall in love with photography, I made sure to always bring my camera with me to capture everything I could in my daily life!


“ I love to travel and to explore different cultures and trying new foods - As well as discovering new places and faces to photograph of course! That's why I loved to go to Iceland, the culture is completely different from my home country, and the Icelandic landscape is just so overwhelmingly beautiful. During my travels there I found myself sometimes to be so caught up in all the beauty, that I would actually forget to use my camera!

What I really loved the most about Iceland was how natural and peaceful the atmosphere is. With animals wander freely, and the horizon showcasing some of the most amazing landscapes I ever seen. I did also love the food in Iceland, especially the fish!”


“I traveled to Iceland last summer with my parents, uncle, aunt and cousins, we rented a van and circled the island, having missed the Westfjords and the highlands, which I hope I'll visit in the future.”


“Previously I also had the chance of going to Sweden, having stayed there for the entire month of July, to take part in research work being done at Karolinska Institutet. I absolutely loved my stay in Stockholm, especially the friends that I made. Living in this city, even if only for a month, was one of the best experiences I have ever had!”


“Next on my bucket list is Norway, I have friends who have been there and the stories they tell about the country and its beauty have left me dreaming about going there. I would love to do something similar to what I did in Iceland, rent a car or van and to get a chance to really explore the country! Norway has so much worth seeing and I cannot wait to bring my camera!”


Follow Clara and her travels at instagram: @claraserdoura

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