A Home In the Archipelago

A Home In the Archipelago

This beautiful home in a quiet spot in the southern part of Gothenburg's archipelago belongs to Catarina Skoglund - where she lives with her husband and two daughters. Catarina works as a freelance stylist & photographer, and she is also part of the The Northern Sisters Collective - a collaboration between 9 creatives from Sweden. Their vision is based in the strength of sisterhood and shares a passion to create and inspire others. Their aim is to live life slow enough to take in the everyday magic and beauty that surrounds in their daily lives. And here Catarina is sharing with Nordique a glimpse of her own home and some design inspiration. We hope you feel inspired to create a space you would just love to live in!


Tell us about your house and location and what you love the most with your home?

"Two years ago, we moved from our apartment in the district of Majorna in Gothenburg to a house on a car-free island in Gothenburg's southern archipelago. It is a classic archipelago house, built in 1936 with a huge plot and surrounded by mountains and hills. What I loved about the house was above all the big garden that reminded me of the large open spaces in Dalarna where I was born and raised. I think what I love the most is the interior planning - the house feels so warm and harmonious. I felt that the very first time I stepped inside the door."


How would you describe the style of your home?

"We have chosen to paint the walls downstairs in tones inspired by nature and the ocean just as out here in the archipelago. So that is lots of calm and muted tones of green, grey and blue. We allow our interests such as art, music and literature to take a lot of space in our house. Most of our furniture is second-hand and purchased from a couple of friends who run a vintage and retro shop, mixed with a pair of design classics like chairs from TON and Eames."


What is your favourite decorative piece in your home and why? 

"Our sirocco safari chair designed by Swedish Arne Norell. It's as nice to sit in as it's beautiful to look at."


Can you give your top three design tips to create a modern Nordic country look?

"First, think of a common thread when selecting wall colours for rooms particularly if they are aligned in an open plan. I personally really like cool grey-green tones on the walls, although I am starting to try some warmer colour tones in a couple of rooms now. Secondly, spend a bit more and invest in a few design classic furniture pieces that you know you will never grow tired of.  Finally, for the lights in your home, go for wall and floor lamps instead of ceiling lamp as the main source of light. The ceiling light I think should more be there just as a nice accessory. That way you create a warm, soft glow in the room - perfect for cosy nights in."


See more of Catarina's home on her instagram profile: @annacate

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