A Finnish Lakeside Lodge

A Finnish Lakeside Lodge

This fantastic home in Finland is owned by Patricia Karjula and her husband Henrik. Patricia has very kindly shared some amazing photos with Nordique of her stunning home - we hope that you feel as inspired as we do!

Patricia: “Our home is new - we built it in 2018 in southern Finland 10 km (6 miles) from the city of Tampere. We love the mix of being close to the city, whilst also having all of the benefits of country living. The road to our new home is a long private road that skirts the edge of a lake - there are plenty of farm animals to be seen from the driveway - ponies, sheep and chickens too! Every time I drive from work to home I really get that relaxing feeling when I see the lake ahead and pass all the cute animals.”

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Building a house by the lake but near the city was my husband’s dream! For me it sounded impossible, though. Finding a plot near the city is very hard and by the lake made it even harder. Happily life showed me that I was wrong and we managed to find a plot which was even more than we could ever dream of. After that it was time to start planning our house together with an architect. We knew that we wanted a modern minimalist house but still wondered about material. We decided in the end to go with a wooden home - it’s a traditional style in Scandinavia and seemed to fit perfectly with the location by the lake.”

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There are nature trails starting from close to our home. People cycle, walk and run along these routes. Cycling is very popular now in Finland and I see people cycling many times during the day. I like to walk around the lake at least once a week with our dog - it’s a very calm neighbourhood. There are no boats with engines allowed on the lake, so people use rowing boats when they go fishing.

In the winter there is an ice skating rink and a cross-county ski track made on the lake. One of the nicest memories I have is our last Christmas when we had my family coming to our home and we spent the day outside cross-country skiing and skating - it was so idyllic!


I love to use a minimalist approach to interior design. I do try to buy Scandinavian designer furniture where I can - particularly from Finnish designers. The interior of our home has a light, neutral colour scheme, which gives a real feeling of space. We tried also to use natural materials where possible.”


I am a visual person and I get inspiration to use in our home almost everywhere I go. We go to interior design fairs every year and I also try to get inspiration from reading magazines and following Instagram. A couple of our friends and family members has also built houses and their decors are magnificent - they also inspire me.”

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“I have to say that I love our walk-in closet. I have dreamed about having one since I was a little girl! I even try to bring a design touch here - the white chest of drawers are timeless and black shelves are in an asymmetric order that makes a nice twist to the room.”

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Nordique loves this incredible sauna - no Finnish home is complete without one! The huge windows look out on the lake - a sauna with a view! What an incredible feature for the home.

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See more of Patricia’s home at: @kanttihirsi

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