A 1930s Home | Gothenburg

A 1930s Home | Gothenburg

This week we are getting a sneak peak into Amanda Palmquist’s gorgeous home in Gothenburg, on the west coast of Sweden!



My aspiration is to love every room that I enter at home!

Tell us more about yourself!

Amanda: I live with my partner Elijah and our two cats Lily and Tessla in our 1930’s villa in Gothenburg. I work as an estate agent and also run my own company in and around Gothenburg.


Tell us a bit about the area where you live.

Where I live there are cozy, quiet residential streets, even though it is only 15 minutes to downtown Gothenburg. The area has beautiful parks and great space to be active - I love to go for long runs in the area! But best of all, it is really close to the sea.


How would you describe your home?

We have had this house since spring 2017 and since then we have completely renovated the whole place. My home very much expresses my own personal style, with a hint of today’s interior trends. I adore muted colours mixed with natural materials. I use as much vintage and older things to decorate my home as possible, this fills me with so much joy! My aspiration is to love every room that I enter at home!


Where do you get your interior inspiration from?

I find a lot of Inspiration through instagram and at the homes of clients I visit in my job. Just like with architecture I like things to have a thought and a purpose, as well as a soul. I love to visit homes, hotels, shops and restaurants to be inspired!


What do you love most about your home?

It has to be the original flooring that is found throughout the house! I am so satisfied with the natural result after we treated it. And also the tiled fire stove - that was one of the key requirements when we were looking for houses. It really gives the house a soul. I love the limestone in the kitchen and the marble in the second bathroom. My most loved features in my home are actually the original material of the house, and not the furniture I added afterwards.


What is your favourite place at home?

My favourite is for sure the classic evenings on the sofa, where we have open floor plan throughout the lower floor - with the crackling fireplace in the tiled stove. Heaven!


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