Conscious jewellery brand Julia Otilia

Conscious jewellery brand Julia Otilia

Scandinavian jewellery brand Julia Otilia creates conscious jewellery inspired by organic shapes and fine details found in nature. Born in Sweden, the founder and designer Julia is passionate about nature and spent her younger days wandering through the forests and exploring the beautiful untouched island of the archipelago north of Stockholm, which has in turn made an impression in her designs, along with the Scandinavian minimalistic touch.

“To me Sweden represents nature, space and silence. It’s a place I experience as naturally purifying and refreshing, a place that reminds your soul of who you really are. I think the long dark winter part of the year brings room for introspection and therefor has “supported” many creative talents throughout history within the worlds of both film, literature, art and music,“


The brand stands for timeless elegance paired with a sophisticated and simplistic Scandinavian aesthetic, and Julia is all for capturing the essence of the moment.

 “As our planet and people are both concerns we carry very close to our hearts, we make conscious decisions for all of our materials and production and aim to be as sustainable as possible.”

Julia Otilia’s jewellery is consciously made from both silver and gold, leaving nothing to waste as she makes good use of various scrap pieces. 

“I am currently designing a delicate collection, which will be made in Fair trade gold and made by a local goldsmith. Fair trade gold is a material I really feel for and am excited to present.”

 Through Julia´s passion for travelling she discovered a variation of beautiful organic materials, such as certified wood from Indonesia, thoughtfully selected seeds and nuts, and natural pearls from small family farms, which have all been incorporated into the designs.

“I very much love wood. It’s warmth and lightness, and the fact that it’s “alive”. I also enjoy pearls. Especially the raw unpolished ones, presented just the way they come from the oyster.”

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The production is done ethically and fairly in a boutique atelier in Bali, supporting the islands local artisans.

“Bali has a special place in my heart. I admire and am very inspired by the pace and values of the local people on this island. Their devotion, connection to each other and to nature, the love and presence they pour into their work and that they let it take the time it takes. All very gentle. They are good examples in the increasingly popular way of “slow living” and the quality that brings.“

Julia Otilia also recently initiated a collaboration with an ethical casting studio in the south part of China, which she considers to be a step towards a final, more local production place in Europe, with Sweden being her preference.

The brand´s further assembling work gets done from Sweden and The Netherlands, where she located to around seven years ago after finding love and instantly feeling at home. She now has her design studio along a green canal in the heart of Utrecht and describes the studio as a light place filled with plants and with an interior she designed together with local interior architect and furniture maker Tim van Caubergh.

“Following the slow fashion philosophy, we don’t release a new collection with each season but rather with each wave of inspiration. As all of our pieces are timeless, none of them are bound to a specific occasion. My passion lies in capturing the fine details of nature. The silence of a mirror blank lake, the twirling dance of a falling lea, or the gentleness of an unfolding flower.”

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“After a long period of travelling and living in beautiful natural places, I was boiling with inspiration and longing to express.
Earlier on I studied French in Paris and later on Acupuncture on a private academy in Sweden. It was highly interesting but I discovered that I longed to do something more artistic and in a sense, poetic. I worked for a designer couple in Sweden for a while, which brought me lots of creative inspiration and faith that it’s possible to go for what you really love.”

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“My use of the word ‘Conscious’ indicates that everything, which I possibly can make a conscious decision for, is conscious. This includes ethical conditions for our workers and makers, pure sourcing our raw material, recycling of silver, choosing certified tropical wood, fair and organic nuts and seeds and eco friendly paper for our printed look books, cards and gift boxes. We also offer a gift box made in wood. We choose to work with retail stores and influencers who have a conscious philosophy. We also plant one tree in the rainforest for each jewellery order we receive via our web shop through a nice NGO called OneTreePlanted.”

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A ‘typical’ Julia Otilia customer is a conscious woman who cares for quality, not only for herself but for the world surrounding her. Someone who has an eye for timeless beauty, rather than just following the trends, which are constantly flushing by.

“It would be an absolute honour to see Greta Thunberg wearing my designs! Something that makes me really happy is that my jewellery seems to appeal to women of all ages. From young girls to well dressed ladies.”

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Julia creates fine and feminine collections, dedicated to woman choosing a life of love, awareness and a pure heart. Every piece in her collections is handmade with love and care.

“By doing good, we can find the feather-light softness in our hearts. And see not only the beauty around us, but also within.”

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“Live slow enough to notice the beauty in everything”

Photography by: Mandy Aileen Photography

(Photograph of rings laying on crystal stone by Cindy Van Ree)

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