Interior stylist Karin Ljung

Interior stylist Karin Ljung

Karin Ljung is a full time interior stylist, originally from a small Swedish town called Nora, but is now based in beautiful Gothenburg, Sweden, where she has lived for the past 10 years. Karin is currently in the middle of setting up her own interior design company, JosefssonLjung, together with her future business partner Erik Josefsson.


For those who doesn´t know Gothenburg, what can you tell us about the city?

I love Gothenburg! It’s Sweden’s second largest city, but I think it is a quite small city despite that. You can walk almost everywhere and it’s a really cosy city. You can find good shopping, great restaurants, green areas and it’s close to the ocean.

What are your morning routines to help start the day?

I have to eat breakfast in order to function in the morning. And I like to take my time and I try not to stress, easier said than done however when you like to sleep in the morning.


Can you tell us a bit about your background?

After graduation a friend of mine found an education that she thought I would like. It was a two-year education in communication and decoration, I applied and got in and I really liked it. I think the best part of the education was that we had four periods of placements, which is a great opportunity to get connections and try out what you want to work with when you are finished with the studies. After these two years in school I moved to Gothenburg and started working in a furniture store. I stayed there for six years and then I started working as a interior stylist. And I’ve been working as an interior stylist full time since then!

When and how did you find your passion for interior?

My grandmother had a big interest in beautiful things. I remember going to her house and we sat in her bed looking at items and she told me why she liked them or where they came from and so on. I think that was a starting point for my interest as well.

Tell us about your home!

I live on 51 square meters in a 2-bedroom apartment and the building is from the 20th century. It’s a really cosy apartment with the characteristic high ceiling, tiled stove and beautiful stucco.


What makes a home beautiful?

I think that a home is beautiful when you can tell that the people living there love their home! You don’t need to follow trends if you don’t like, you can decorate with things you like, furniture that has a story and I think it’s important that you feel that you are enjoying coming home.

What are some key things to think about when decorating a home?

Mix old things with new things!

Don’t forget about the flea markets, it’s good for the environment and you can find cheap, original and funny things.

Keep a natural colour scheme on walls and furniture and change textiles instead when you want to have a quick makeover.

Add warm colours and wooden material, which will give your home a warmer feeling.

Plants, always have lots of plants!


Do you have a dream project you would love to work on?

At first I’m really looking forward to get our new company running, JosefssonLjung. And then we would like to work with companies styling their product catalogues. And a dream project that has been with me for a while is to decorate a restaurant one day. From step one with ideas and making a concept to be able to see the finish result!

Where do you shop?

I’m not good at online shopping, I always forget it somehow! So, I still shop in stores in cities. Most of all I like going shopping in Berlin or Copenhagen.


What do you do to relax?

I think I’m quite good at relaxing and can find different activities relaxing. To read a good book, watching series or take a bath.

Can you give us some recommendations on what to see and do when next visiting Gothenburg?

I have a lot! But I will try to choose the best for you.

Eat; I think Gothenburg’s best restaurant is Toso. It’s an Asian fusion restaurant and the food is lovely! But, it’s popular so make your reservation in time!

Shopping; Gothenburg has a lot of good interior stores that you have to visit when you are here. Artilleriet, Artilleriet Kitchen, Floramor and Krukatös, Tell me more, Afro Art and Rum21 are some of them.

The Ocean; We are close to the ocean here, and picnic on the cliffs at the sunset is a great way to spend a summer evening.


See more of Karin´s work @ljunghem

Images by Peter Pousard

Nordic Photography | Joakim Lundberg

Nordic Photography | Joakim Lundberg

The Finnish outdoors with Maarit Vaahteranoksa

The Finnish outdoors with Maarit Vaahteranoksa