The Hooded Cabin | Arkitektværelset

The Hooded Cabin | Arkitektværelset

This incredible mountain-top cabin, with spectacular views, has been designed by Norwegian studio Arkitektværelset. Located in the beautiful but wild and windswept peaks of Imingfjell, Norway, the cabin has been designed so as to fit its natural surroundings, be protected from the harsh weather, and also to fit the strict building regulations of this area.


Limitations are the mother of all playful creativity, and in this case it really became a goal to try to create within the boundaries“ - Head architect Grethe Løland


The plot for the cabin is situated at an altitude of 1125m, an initial assessments suggested that it was within an avalanche danger area. As such, a protective ‘hood’ was incorporated into the design. After more detailed analysis showed that in fact the cabin was outside the avalanche danger zone, the hood was nevertheless retained in the design.


The hood retains practical functions, such as keeping the rain away from the entrance area, but at the same time, the contrast between the angled pine paneling and the black painted cabin body, creates a strong geometric form.

The building becomes an understated iconic sculpture in an area that most cabins look alike, and our clients really liked its form” - Head architect Grethe Løland


Their clients had commissioned a robust and efficient little cabin oriented towards the view over the lake. The panoramic, divided corner windows and large sliding doors in the front, bring the natural environment close into the kitchen and living room. Inside, oak flooring and paneling also reflects the natural colours from the surroundings.


In the back of the cabin, there is a master bedroom, bathroom and a sauna that ingeniously doubles as a guest room. Above the rooms there is an open attic that offers sleeping space for 8 people.


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