Interior stylist Charlotte Wahlberg

Interior stylist Charlotte Wahlberg

Interior stylist Charlotte Wahlberg, the woman behind Scandinavian Grey, is born and raised in Nacka, south east of Stockholm. After a few years in Umeå, Copenhagen and Stockholm she has now relocated to the countryside close to the beautiful archipelago, Stockholm, where she lives with her husband and two children.

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Is interior design your full-time profession or a hobby?

It is my hobby. I am working with market and consumer insights, helping companies and brands to make data driven decisions and to better understand their target groups and market.

How did you first find your talent and interest in interior?

My interest in interior has been there since I was a kid. I remember that furniture was on my wish list for my 10th birthday and I spent my own money on vases and decoration items.

Tell us about your home.

My home is a light grey 2 floor house with broken saddle roof. It is decorated with harmonious soft colours to create a calm impression and a place to relax and enjoy life with family and friends.

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What does Scandinavian design mean to you?

For me Scandinavian design is close to nature with natural materials and a minimalistic look.

How does the typical Swedish design stand out from the rest of Scandinavia?

Oh, that is a difficult question. Perhaps slightly more close to nature, sustainable mindset and a big focus on functionality and smart/compact living.

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Which room is the most important room in your home?

I would say that the living room is the most important. It´s the room we spend time with family and friends and where we relax in the end of the day to reflect and gain new energy.

You have some lovely pieces of art on your walls. Who are the artists?

Thank you. I love to combine different prints, posters and paintings. The artists are a mix, everything from lithography by Ole Baertling, to famous fashion photographer Andreas Sjödin and less well-known artists from poster shops such as Arteme, Arty, Dear Sam and Desenio.

Where do you shop?

With two young kids at home I shop mostly online. I would say it is a mix of less expensive but beautiful and functional furniture from IKEA, second hand and flea market furniture such as old unique cabinets and design items.

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Who are your favourite designers/brands?

I just love the expression of Dry Studios, Anna-Leena, Ilse Crawfood, MK Design Studio, String, Hay, Dux, Poul Kjaerholm, Menu (especially Androgyne Side Table from Danielle Siggerud) and Design Of. I also admire Formgatan who manage to create beautiful items with a sustainable mindset.

What do you do to relax?

Read an interior magazine, practice yoga, visit the ocean and archipelago and just embrace the nature or watch a good series. And I love to go to the spa.

What´s the latest book you read?

A book named "I can't stop crying" in Swedish by Anne Liljeroth about a women with very high demands on herself leading into her being burnt out and her life turns up side down. It´s a very important book these days since so many young women push themselves too hard and have too high demands. Right now I am reading Frida Ramsted's book "Handbook in interior and styling" about how to create functional decorations and styles that lasts for a long time and in that way help us consumer's to make sustainable choices.

What should we see and do when next visiting Stockholm?

The archipelago! I can strongly recommend Artipelag - an art museum in a very beautiful building, in the middle of the forest and surrounded by the sea in the archipelago with a beautiful view. The Spa Yasuargi Hasseludden - beautiful design, inspired by Japan and also very beautiful located by the sea. Nationalmuseum is another beautiful art and design museum.

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