Cabin at Rones | Sanden+Hodnekvam

Cabin at Rones | Sanden+Hodnekvam

This beautiful cabin was designed by Sanden+Hodnekvam Architects, an architectural studio based in Oslo, Norway.  It is located in Rones, 150km north of Trondheim in Norway, set against a rugged hillside with majestic sweeping views of the fjord below. Sanden+Hodnekvam have shared some beautiful pictures of this incredible project, and some interesting details of the design.

The location of this cottage is very dramatic and beautiful. As such, it was important for the cottage to fit into the natural surroundings. The cottage has a compact footprint for a good adaptation to the landscape and so as to preserve existing vegetation. The materials that we used also had these requirements in mind.”

The main floor is designed in concrete with three different levels that adapt to the terrain outside. To the rear of the property, the use of concrete walls blends with the rocky outcrop, and provides solidity and sturdiness against the elements. To the front, the property is much more open, with huge, wood-framed, floor to ceiling windows providing sweeping views of the fjord.

The interior is characterised by the exposed concrete walls, the ground concrete floor, huge windows and use of plenty of Norwegian pine. This gives a solid, minimalist feel to the interior, de-cluttering the property and allowing the natural wonders of the surrounding area to take centre stage. Gutters, fittings and other exterior details are in untreated copper that darkens over time. The cabin has a warm atmosphere, and a real cosiness even with the minimalist style.”


The contrast between the front and rear of the property is really shown by these images. The solid concrete of the rear of the property complements the neighbouring rock face from which the cabin projects. To the front, the huge windows allow natural light to flood into the entire cabin with stunning effect.


The kitchen, in a birchwood style, is Scandi-minimalist in approach, and does not distract from the grogeous views that are showcased from the large corner window.


The focal point of the property, where all attention is drawn, is to the front - towards the fjord and the hillsides beyond. This is a place where peace and tranquility is at its best.

_DSC6099_2 2.jpg

Despite the stark materials, with exposed concrete and birchwood, the cabin has a feeling of incredible cosiness. It is designed for the harsh Norwegian winters, and to create a place for the whole family to enjoy.


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Interior stylist Charlotte Wahlberg

Interior stylist Charlotte Wahlberg

Reflections Copenhagen

Reflections Copenhagen