Reflections Copenhagen

Reflections Copenhagen

Reflections Copenhagen is a collaboration between the Danish designers Julie Hugau and Andrea Larsson, whom have created a collection of crystal décor, mirrors, tables, cabinets and rugs, inspired by the graphic expression of the Art Deco era, the contrasting 80’s and the opportunity to work with delicate and fragile materials to create unique and innovative products.

Julie and Andrea combined their visions, and the idea for the brand came together from their urge of creating something new and different, a fine mix of the traditional style and the wish for dynamic decorative light reflections, uniting art and décor, along with the freedom to create exactly what they wish to create. New expressions are provided through strength and form, designing pieces with a strong visual structure.

“Remember, everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you made. If you want a different result, make a different choice. “


Julie comes from a background of fashion design, a skill she often finds herself implementing in her current work. She had a fascination of making necklaces from parts frequently found in plumbing supply stores, and over time moved over to working with silver and semi precious stones, in which she created an exclusive collection of jewellery that did not take long to establish an audience for.

Looking at her current work, mainly the mirror and crystal pieces, the character of her jewellery collection is clearly shining through, and her passion for interior and décor instead got her to create something shiny and delicate but more considerable made for your home, instead of items to be worn by yourself.

“I work on adrenaline and find it exciting to work fast ... I lose inspiration and interest if things take too long”.

Andrea´s creative background in interior design saw her creating her own vintage styled wallpaper, after finding inspiration from travelling through Europe visiting a number of cities, such as London, Milano, Paris and Amsterdam. Her love for wallpaper was initially used for her own interior design work, and also to create decorative storage boxes made by hand but after a while Andrea decided to take her passion further, creating her own range reflecting her dynamic personality. But with time Andrea was looking for a new direction, and soon took the decision that a change was needed, and with perfect timing she was introduced to Julia. The pair had an instant personal connection and it didn´t take long for Reflection Copenhagen to be born.

“Julie and I just get on with it; we get an idea and we do it. We’re very confident with our designs, the look and the feeling these items give you. We have a very clear view of what it is that we do, but at the same time, our work is spontaneous and we often act on our intuition. We can’t take ourselves, or what we do for that matter, too seriously as that would kill the fun, the source of inspiration if you will. Laughter gives you energy and the process of creativity is triggered. We need to laugh”.

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Julie´s talent for design and production, along with Andrea´s eye for interior and colours, together with a vision firmly in focus, creates a very unique strength. Their collection has been made with incredible details and craftsmanship, made from the highest quality materials made to last for generation, putting sustainability in focus.

With each product being handmade, they represent a beauty of its own with a possibility of small variability, not to be exactly the same with any other item. The pair is working with the perfect amount of simplicity and complexity combined.


“Reflections - a collection in two parts. The Mirrors, a decorative, handcrafted collection incorporating traditional styles and shapes while providing new dimensions of form and strength through distinctive mirror decor. The Crystal Version, a collection of handmade crystal table wears designed with the vision of uniting delicate materials and classical shapes to form a functional art object. “

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The home of Reflection lies in North West Copenhagen, a well visited and constantly evolving city known for its creativity. Although the North West isn´t yet the most well known part of Copenhagen, it is certainly lately very much on the up, but still allowing the uniqueness and creativity to flow. Its roughness and cultural differences mixed with the new inhabitants and builds gives the area a buzzing energy, and the inspiration in the area is certainly running high. The area of North West Copenhagen serves a blunt contrast to the graceful items of the collection with a very charismatic backdrop.

“NV is an area with its own, very definite feel. A place in every way quite different from what you would experience in the city centre. Its habitants, until recently, were mostly young students, families of the lower income segments and a large number of immigrants. No chic cafe’s, no art galleries, trendy boutiques or famous restaurants. Instead, graffiti covering the walls, people hanging out on the street corners and with that unspecific feeling of “danger” always present after dark. In short, very much like many other areas around the world just before they became the place to live in/the hip place to be”.

Founding Reflections when the two barely knew each other has in hindsight been a great advantage since they have developed a brand from two very independent points of view. And easy to say, Julie and Andrea have established a brand so standout and unique, impossible for most to walk away from.

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