Tales By Pablo

Tales By Pablo

This week Nordique is delighted to meet Pablo, a photographer from Stockholm, who discovered his love for photography through his passion to explore the world!


Tell us more about you and about Tales by Pablo!

My name is Pablo and I am a photographer from Stockholm, Sweden. I was born and raised here in the capital but I have family in both northern Sweden, on my mother's side, and in South America on my father's side. Although I was raised in a city, I have always been drawn more to nature than to the city lights. Or maybe me being born in a city is the reason I appreciate the calm in nature so much? I think that is a good description of me and my personality: a city-boy that loves nature, an ‘extroverted introvert.’ perhaps.

Morning in Ullensvang.jpg
One night in Kvikkjokk.JPG

How did your interest in photography start?

Photography is a fairly new passion of mine. I havve always been interested in art, ever since I was a little boy, and music has always been my favourite hobby and the thing that has defined me. I play a few instruments and I have been dabbling with music production for a while, and still do from time to time. Cinema has also always been an obsession of mine, maybe that´s where the seed was planted? But I first picked up a "real camera" about two years ago actually, and the only reason I bought it was because of my girlfriend, Charlotte. She has a really good eye for photography and she is always been the one who snapped our travel photos. I have learned almost everything from her (she is also the beautiful girl in almost all of my images). One summer I was going to travel without her and wanted a camera to capture my trip, so I bought the Canon M6, and that is when it all started. I caught the photography bug, big time. That is also when I discovered Instagram and social media, which I had been avoiding like the plague up until then! So it was the perfect storm. My new obsession.

Aktse morning.jpg

Your instagram is beautiful - what are you trying to share with your followers? And how do you wish to inspire?

Thank you so much! I still can´t believe that people I have never met actually want to see my images. It blows my mind every time and I am so grateful for it. My mission with photography is fairly simple. I have sort of a mantra I always fall back on when I feel lost or lose direction with my photography and it goes like this:

"The world is beautiful".

Morning in Ullensvang#2.jpg

There is so much negativity in the world sometimes. You just have to read the news for two minutes to get fairly depressed and it is easy to get lost in that and lose hope altogether. So I want to remind folks that there is still beauty and love in the world, and that it is worth fighting for. I want to celebrate everything that makes our planet so unique and beautiful. Life is beautiful.

Hopefully, that comes through in my images.

Green dream SIljan.JPG
Dreams from Dalarna.JPG

You have travelled to some amazing locations in the Nordic countries - what have been your favourite destinations and why?

Wow, that´s a tough question. There are so many amazing locations here in Scandinavia that it is almost impossible to pick a favourite, but I will try!

The lunch spot - Norway.JPG

Norway's majestic nature stole my heart immediately, so if you want to experience beautiful fjords, epic mountains and take amazing photos, Norway is probably where I would send you. Or just anywhere in Norway! That whole country is amazing, just jump in a car and get ready for the most spectacular road trip imaginable. My personal favourites so far are Hardangerfjord and Loen.

Copenhagen is where me and Charlotte go for our art, food, interior design and architecture-fix. They also have the best brunch and the coolest little shops. Wish I could go there at least once every month.


But what I am actually most passionate about at the moment is my home country of Sweden. I have always rejected it and gone abroad whenever possible (‘grass is always greener’ thinking). So this year I have been focusing on Swedish destinations and the goal is to inspire more people, especially fellow Swedes, to experience and explore everything we have to offer.

If you want to experience and see what Sweden looked like back in the days, I would go to Tällberg in Dalarna. It was so serene and it is situated right next to the beautiful Lake Siljan. With beautiful views and truly "Nordic" feel, I would highly recommend it as a perfect relaxation-destination!

Sunset Tällberg.jpg

Last but not least, Swedish Lapland. I just came home from Sarek National Park and "Kunglseden" and it exceeded all of my expectations. I still can’t believe how amazing the landscape is up there, I am completely blown away. Rapadalen is one of the most spectacular things I have ever witnessed with my own two eyes. There is also something so uniquely wild up there that you can´t get anywhere else, at least not here in the north. So if you are an adventurous soul, that´s where I would go. I can´t wait to go back!
Hopefully, I get to experience Finland soon, I have seen so many beautiful images from there lately!

Frosty in Jämtland#2.jpg
Frosty in Jämtland#5.jpg

What equipment do you use for photography?

I am currently using a Canon 6D MK ii. It is a full-frame camera that´s been with me everywhere, it is not perfect, but I love it. For lenses, I am using the Canon 50mm f/1.2 and a Canon 70-200mm f/4 is. The 50mm is my go-to lens and easily my favourite. I use it for everything, portraits, landscape, street, etc. It is such a versatile focal length.


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