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Maawinge Design

“As interior design consultants, we work to identify as well as creatively come up with things that can be perceived as disturbing moments in the home and that affect how comfortable we feel in our living environment. The interior design must be experienced with all the senses, the colour choices must harmonise and feel well thought out together with the rest of the interior. My philosophy is based on creating environments where both homes and business's specific needs are met through thorough planning of requirements. Regardless of the size of the project. Whether you want help with a single room, colour scheme or complete interior design for the entire home, we are there, ready to help.”

We´ve had a chat to Swedish interior consultant Johanna Måwe, the woman behind Maawinge Design.

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Where do you work from?

Stockholm, but my services are available worldwide as I do a lot of my work digitally.

Tell us about your job as an interior consultant.

I have always had a burning interest in aesthetics and in particular interior design, but it was only a little over a year ago that I chose to invest wholeheartedly in this and started my own company within this field. Nowadays, it's a full-time job I get to balance with family life.

How would you describe your style of decorating?

I would describe my interior style as modern Scandinavian soft minimalism.

You use a lot of natural materials. How important is sustainability to you?

I love natural materials and sustainability for me is of course important. We live in a time when we are very aware and the knowledge that the earth's resources are limited helps to support in the way we can. Everyone can contribute. I love to be creative and to have a challenge thrown in the form of reusing furniture or materials is a very good starting point. Learning to take advantage of what we already have and reuse in the form of renewal with small tools is actually up-lifting. In addition, you usually get a product that is very unique. In addition to this, I would also like to say that I often work with the secondary market of furniture when I am working on various projects, partly with the environment in mind but often also because I work with very limited budget, but still aiming high!

Tell us about your home.

I grew up in a suburb to Stockholm called Vallentuna, and since just over a year ago I’m back in the same municipality after about a decade in Stockholm city and Sundbyberg (another suburb closer to the city), where I live with my three kids and husband in a villa from turn of the 20th century (1906). I love the details that houses from turn of the century have, but the challenge in this has always been to complement my modern, peculiar style to the older beautiful details.

Which room is your favourite one?

Our living room, without a doubt. I simply love the calm, nature inspired feeling this room has. As a great compliment to this we have this old beautiful stove where we can light a small fire. And guess what, NO TV, the room’s lets our guests and family enjoy each other’s company fully.

Who are your favourite Nordic brands/designers?

Muuto, Normann Copenhagen, &Tradition, House Doctor, Menu, Woud, Bolia, Fogia, among others.

What are your top home styling tips?

Wall colour. No drastic changes needs to be made to make a huge difference to how the room is perceived. Keep it simple, apply monochromatic elements and choose carefully the things you want to highlight. Supplement with wood to give the room warmth.

Where do you find inspiration?

Nature, everyday life and Pinterest & Instagram.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working with a complete interior design concept for both an office (3000 square meters) and a private accommodation (64 square meters).

What´s your absolute dream project?

My dream project would be to be involved from the start in a new production and do everything from material selection to spatial concepts with furniture.

What do we have to do and see when next visiting Sweden?

As an entrenched traveller on the Swedish West Coast, I must say that this is a place that must be visited. The nature is absolutely beautiful and the surroundings and buildings are so charming. Great refuge; (”Smultronställe”) Käringön, Orust municipality.

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To see more of Johanna´s work, go to

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