Stockholm Food Guide from Badass Food Stories

Stockholm Food Guide from Badass Food Stories

If you like food and you´re planning a trip to Stockholm, then this is a must read for you. Nicole and her partner Gustaf is the couple behind Stockholm based Badass Food Stories, the Instagram account that tells us what and where to eat. We´ve had the pleasure to chat to Nicole!


Tell us about yourselves and Badass Food Stories.

I’m a foodie, communication professional and worldwide traveller based in Stockholm, Sweden. I grew up with a culinary family in a small town North of Sweden, hence my growing interest and trained palette for tasty food. In early 2018, I decided to deleted all of my personal photos on Instagram and update my profile name. I missed having a personal project and food have always been a passion of mine. So I started off sharing some of my absolute favourite eats (mainly from eating out) cause that’s one rule I have, I only share what’s truly delicious. Today my partner, who also is a food lover, is involved as well. He is a professional videographer and editor, so we have decided to start producing video content together for Badass Food Stories... stay tuned for more! Meanwhile, follow us on Instagram for a glimpse into our favourite eats & gastronomic travel around the globe @badassfoodstories

What is typical Swedish food?

You should definitely eat game meat while in Sweden, we also have lots of beautiful Nordic fish species. Traditional made butter on crisp bread, tunnbröd or any newly baked bread is a simple yet so perfectly satisfying bite. Of course, pickled and marinated herring dishes served with boiled potatoes is a classic! Book a table at Den Gyldene Freden in Stockholm, Sweden, if you want get a glimpse of classic Swedish flavours. But if you are only interested in eating really good herring and try Danish smörrebröd at the same time, head straight over to Två Små Svin in Årsta, worth the destination and a lot cheaper yet as tasty!

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What do Swedes have for breakfast?

We are defiantly on the savoury side. Rye bread or some kind of bread topped with a boiled egg or cheese. Or a bowl of processed sour milk!

What are your top 3 favourite restaurants in Stockholm?

Hard to say only three but here are some restaurants that I regularly go back to at Södermalm: all time favourite restaurant that never disappoints is Barbro down Hornstulls Strand. Japanese modern bistro with a menu filled with delicious sharing dishes for a decent pricing, great cocktails and good vibes.

La Vecchia Signora for a traditional Negroni followed by very genuine, tasty Italian food and bottomless Italian wines.

Third recommendation, I have to say Madam. It’s a small (and new) restaurant serving some absolutely delicious and authentic Korean dishes.

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Top 3 bars in Stockholm?

Tjoget, Ambar and A bar called Gemma!

Top 3 cafés in Stockholm?

Pom & Flora, Pascal and Rosendahl’s Trädgård.

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Can you explain what a typical Swedish ‘fika’ is?

You ask your friends or peers if they want to take ‘Fika’ with you. Normally, you drink something hot, like a cappuccino, along with eating a sweet or savoury dish. I would challenge to try a Smörgåstårta Instead of a classic cinnamon bun... ;)

Where do we go for a health kick?

Swedes are very conscious, it’s easy to eat healthy here. But I would say Holy Greens, Blueberry Lifestyle or Mahalo.

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Where should we go grocery shopping?

Best grocery shopping in Stockholm is at ICA Kvantum in Liljeholmen. Except for an outstanding selection of food products from around the world and a stellar deli counter, they also have an excellent wine bar located inside the store - Bistro Liljeholmen. Perfect stop to get your food inspiration flowing while shopping for the weekend!

Are there any great food markets in Stockholm?

Visiting food markets is something I really personally enjoy while traveling to other countries. Sadly, I haven’t found any great outdoor food markets that are available in the city and feel exciting. Hötorgshallen and NK Saluhall are both pretty solid. For street food in the summer you can visit Hornstulls Marknad, go there on Sundays to eat a world-class burger from Funky Chicken Food Truck.

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Are there any food you eat a lot of, and any food you don´t eat at all?

I eat a lot of ramen, my favourite spot for a traditional bowl of shio or miso ramen is at Cafè Steirnan in Gamla Stan and for a Spicy Miso, I go to Totomo Ramen.

I avoid any food that is not fresh and I can be pretty picky with flavours. I don’t like Kalle’s Kaviar, which is a standing classic for many Swedes to their breakfast eggs.

Are there any Swedish myths you would like to clarify?

Hmmm, all the myths are true.

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