Urban Rigger - homes on the water

Urban Rigger - homes on the water

Urban Rigger is an incredible new residential development in Copenhagen, Denmark. What’s unique about this property is that it is in fact as close to the water as it is possible to be - on the water in fact! These are actually student flats - they are trendy students in Denmark, clearly!

The property is sustainable and CO2 neural, and is also mobile - so it can be docked at other locations as required. The features include a shared green courtyard in the centre of the property, a kayak dock, bathing platform and BBQ area. The first platform is already up and running, with 12 students in residence, and with five more platforms expected to be completed and open by the end of this summer. Ultimately there will be 72 student apartments here, forming a mini-University village.

The floating platforms can be flexibly assembled in various configurations of different sizes as needed and desired. The designer, Bjarke Ingels Group, also has plans to develop a further URBAN RIGGER on Gothenburg’s waterfront on the west coast of Sweden.

Check out the fantastic pictures below - certainly different from the average student accommodation!


An Urban Rigger unit consists of a floating concrete pontoon, which is moved into place using tugboats. It is held in place using a specially designed mooring system, and the entrance is via a landing bridge.

On the rigger there are twelve apartments, nine on the first floor and three on the ground floor. All apartments have underfloor heating and include en-suite bathroom and private kitchen - what luxury! Some of the apartments even contain private terraces looking directly onto the water.

In addition to the apartments themselves, an Urban Rigger contains inviting common areas that will contribute to the social student life on board the rig.

The apartments are the setting for a communal courtyard with BBQ area, direct access to bathing area, bicycle racks and kayak hotel. At the top there is a 65 m2 communal roof terrace with unique sea views.

The basement has 2.5 m to the ceiling, and contains 230 m2 divided into technical room, fitness room, large common room (with shared freezer and oven), fully automatic laundry, and 12 storerooms of 6 m3 each.

pressemeddelelse 1.jpg

This design shows the courtyard formed between the three containers, and the private terrace area.


The waterfront location is only a 15 minute cycle ride from the centre of Copenhagen - a city that is perfectly set up for cycling commutes!


The apartments are decorated in light and modern colours and materials. Walls, floors and kitchen elements are made of durable bamboo in a stylish timeless Scandinavian design. IKEA and HAY have worked in collaboration to design and furnish the apartments.


The apartments have bathing access for those lovely long Scandinavian summer evenings!


If this isn’t enough to inspire student accommodation envy, then we don’t know what is…..


Website: www.urbanrigger.com

Instagram: @urbanrigger

Photographs: copyright of URBAN RIGGER

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