At home with Emma Falk!

At home with Emma Falk!


This week we are getting a glimpse of the home of Emma Falk, a home stylist and product photographer from Sweden.

Tell us what you most love most about home!

Me, my husband and our three children live in a two-storey townhouse in cozy little Skara in Sweden. What I love most with our home is how light and bright it feels! The many windows gives a lot of light and our white walls make it feel big and airy despite its relatively small size.


We have furnished the living room so as to be perfect for socialising. The sofas and armchairs are facing each other instead of the TV being in the centre of the room.


How would you describe the style of your home?

Scandinavian with a modern little farmhouse / country twist. Bright and harmonious with earthy colours is what we enjoy best. Plenty of candles and beautiful textured textiles give a wonderfully cozy feeling that we love!


Tell us more about your work!

I work as a consultant home stylist and mostly help my clients online to style their homes. I love my job! I can also do this from home so I have a lot of time with my children at the same time, which is very important to me.


The mirror makes the living room feel more spacious and gives a nice contrast to the white walls. The candlestick is the latest purchase here at home!


What is your favourite decorative piece in your home and why?

My absolute favourite thing in the home must be our old cupboard in the living room. It's an old worn linen closet that we found in a storage room once. We ground it and painted it matte black and now it really is among the most beautiful furniture that we own! And best of all, it was a joint project with my husband. We also have a bureau that my husband's grandfather carved over 70 years ago. Two wonderful pieces, each with a fantastic story behind them!

16 ).jpg

The blue headboard offers a nice contrast to the monochrome black and white theme of the bedroom.

What do you consider to be ‘Nordic’ design?

Scandinavian/Nordic design is well thought-out and simple. It is easy to combine with many other interior styles and contains many beautiful materials. I think many love it just because of the down-to-earth colours and the harmonious feeling it gives.


Where do you get your interior inspiration from?

To be honest…any place! I can see a certain material next to a piece of textiles and then see a whole room in front of me. As with many people I also get a lot of inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest - there are some fantastic resources available and so easy to access!


Can you give your top design tips to create a modern Nordic look?

Use a ‘jordnära’ (earthy) colour palette. A white base is always a safe bet and adding details in blue often fits nicely. Furnishings with natural materials such as wood, concrete and leather often add a Nordic touch. And plenty of green plants are needed too!


The design that we have used outside mirrors the same style and colours used in the interior. Here we spend a lot of time together, especially in the long summer evenings.


See more of Emma’s wonderful home at: @hemmahosfalk

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