Danish photographer Kevin Angelsø

Danish photographer Kevin Angelsø

Tech-coordinator and freelance photographer Kevin Angelsø is originally from a small town called Ølstykke, but has been living in Copenhagen for 6 years. Not difficult to understand why, Kevin is totally in love with the city and more than enjoys the fact of not being dependent on cars and public transport, some call it the city of bicycles.


When did you find your love for photography?

I bought my first DSLR back in 2011 but I was horrible at using it so I actually gave up and just let it sit on a bookshelf to collect dust until April 2018.

What equipment do you use?

I'm a simple guy so I just use a decent Canon 750D and my 24mm and 50mm prime objectives (no zoom). I have never been a fan of buying gear for the sake of it. People often think that their photography skills will increase if they just get "the right gear" but that is quite a misassumption. A lot of gear looks impressive but the truth is that you don't need 50% of it unless you're out shooting penguins on the South Pole for BBC or National Geographic.

How does social media affect your work?

Social media has a pretty big role in my work. It's obviously great for inspiration, displaying your work and getting to know other photographers but it can also be a tricky, deceiving friend. It's a little too easy to get caught up in likes, follows and how other photographers are doing - as in every niche. I think it's healthy to stand back sometimes and just go with the flow and stop caring and overthinking when it comes to social media.

How does your average day look like?

I usually wake up around 8 am. Then I spend about 20 minutes getting ready before I ride my bicycle 7 km to work where my first task of the day is to get a cup of coffee. I absolutely love biking to and from work with the rest of Copenhagen. It's a free workout and a great way to wake up. I usually go on photo-walks during the evenings, as I'm horrible at getting up early for that sunrise.


What inspires you?

Peter McKinnon - among other Youubers - has been a huge inspiration to me. Also, the hope of being able to do this full time and be my own boss is what drives me!

What motto do you live by?

Worry less, live more. I'm an over thinker so from time to time I literally have to remind myself to worry less and live more.

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What makes Denmark so unique?

Honestly - rugbrød, our collective love for bicycles and the amount of shoreline for a country our size. Whenever I'm traveling rugbrød is what I miss the most.

What is your favourite Danish:


The top of Rundetårn outside of rush hour! You get a 360-degree view over the Copenhagen rooftops and the entrance fee is really, really cheap (about 3-4 euro).


I really recommend Pasta du Nord. Delicious, affordable and something else than just another fast-food joint. I can also recommend Alabama Social and PS Bar & Grill if you intend to spend the whole evening out.


Definitely Mad & Kaffe on Vesterbro. They make incredible brunch but if you're not an early bird you will probably have to wait in line to get a table Saturday morning so be sure to set your alarm.


I'm one of the few rare Danes who don’t drink so I can't really recommend any.


My favourite food is definitely burgers. The last few years we've seen a lot of burger joints pop up in Copenhagen and it's exactly what I've been waiting for. Before these we had to choose between McDonalds/Burger King and the a-little-too-fancy-café-burger with a stick down the middle to keep it all together, served along with a knife and a fork - which shouldn't be necessary to eat a burger in my opinion.


The Marble Church (Frederik's Church). It's huge, breath-taking and it's really something else compared to the standard architecture in Copenhagen. Unfortunately it's quite difficult to shoot because it's squeezed in between other buildings. The most common spot to shoot this church from is from Amalienborg.


The area around Fælledparken, Trianglen and Sortedamssøen is really recommendable for taking walks, drinking coffee, enjoying the sun and just relax.


'Ligeglad' which essentially means 'careless' but it's not quite as strong. It's something I need to be more of as en over thinker.

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