Louise Kragh - Danish Jewellery

Louise Kragh - Danish Jewellery

Danish jewellery brand Louise Kragh was founded in 2004 by Louise Kragh herself, and released in four annual collections. The pieces are all handmade, designed and produced at their headquarter in Aarhus, Denmark, and sold in Denmark as well as internationally, both online and in more than 400 stores around the world. The style of the brand goes from the elegant and colourful to the more raw and simple jewellery design, embracing both the natural and colourful as well as the more graphic and simple look, with pearls being some of Louise Krag´s most important classics. The team focus on being close to the production, from the first idea to the actual making of the jewellery. All the pieces are made in materials chosen with great care, with the brand only using Sterling silver 925 and goldplatings of high quality. The materials are continuously tested and obey the hard, Danish demands. Furthermore, Louise Kragh is a member of Ædelmetalkontrollen (noble metal control) in Denmark.

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Who is Louise Kragh?

I am a 46 years old woman who is educated as a fashion designer. More important I am also a mother of 2 girls and a wife to my husband. And of course a woman who loves jewellery and colours!

How would you describe the brand?

The finest materials, expert craftsmanship and beautiful designs have all been the essence of the Louise Kragh brand since the very beginning in 2004. All of our pieces are made in Denmark and the materials of the jewellery are chosen with care. We only use sterling silver 925, from 18 to 24 carat gold-plating, real diamonds, gemstones, and freshwater pearls of AAA-quality. And of course our hand rolled porcelain pendants. For me it means everything to have my production in Denmark - in that way we also keep all the knowledge in-house which makes me and my staff better craftsmen - I really like that. And because we use the porcelain pendants we do not look similar to other jewellery brands, which also means a lot to me.

Who is your typical customer?

I think it is a woman who likes quality and colours. I also hope that it is a woman who treasure that our jewellery is handmade in Denmark and not one pendent is similar in shape and colour.

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Who would you love see wearing your pieces?

There are a lot of emotions attached to a piece of jewellery. A lot of women get jewellery as a gift and when you need to mark specials occasions. So when I see a woman wearing my jewellery I get proud and often think about her "story". That means more to me then to see my jewellery on a famous person.

Where is the jewellery made?

We have most of our production in Denmark. This is where we make all our pendants and put together our silver pieces to be a finished Louise Kragh jewellery.

How important is sustainability for you?

That is really important to me - both in my business life and as a private person.

The silver and gold used are always recycled, as this is precious material. The fresh water pearls are naturally made and by that naturally sustainable. The porcelain pearls are handmade here in Denmark and they are made by sustainable pottery clay and glace. Along with Japan, Denmark has the most strict regulations of clay and glace in the world. The jewelry boxes are made in Denmark out of recycled and sustainable materials. (FSC certification)


Where do you find your inspiration?

For me I think my inspiration comes from my everyday life. Small glimpse of things you hardly notice but somehow keep in your memory. I also find great inspiration in my workshop. When I make the porcelain or the jewellery I think of new ways to use the pearls, porcelain or silver parts. I really like to use my hands and to play around with the materials. But mostly new designs come from drawing and drawing and drawing until I finally can pick the one style I like the most.

What pieces are your top sellers?

Our Leaf collection sells really well because of its simplicity. Another line is our Unik collection, which is a true Louise Krag line. I paint every pendent by hand and all pendants are unique in the shape and pattern.

What countries do you sell the most to?

China is a really interesting marked for us right now. I think they like the simplicity of the jewellery as the same time it has a uniqueness because it is handmade.

How would you describe the typical Danish style?

I think Danish women have a really cool style - simple yet still with a twist.


Get your Louise Kragh pieces at www.louisekraghjewelry.com

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