Arctic Power Berries

Arctic Power Berries

Behind the fantastic Nordic brand Arctic Power Berries are Anna and Eve, the Finnish friends who have been besties since first day at primary school. Growing up by the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland, picking berries from their backyard, there is no wonder they missed a bit of home when leaving the country. Travelling the world and living together in three different continents, Anna finally settled down in London after both moving there for studies, which is also where their company is based, whilst Eve moved back to Finland. They founded the brand about six years ago whilst studying full time, almost right after their move to London, after realising that London has everything to offer, except good, high quality berries.


Tell us more about the idea behind Arctic Power Berries.

We didn’t like the mushy, pesticide- sprayed berries that were available in the stores. During all our childhood we were able to go and pick the wild berries from the forest in the backyard. Wild berries are from a completely different league compared to cultivated berries (their health benefits are up to three times higher too!). One night we were having a glass of wine and we thought that maybe other Scandinavians must miss the wild berries as much as we do. Turned out, the timing was perfect. A lot of other superfood powders started appearing just when we launched. It started to be a norm to add different powders to meals to make them more nutrient-rich. These days, many more people other than just Scandinavians eat our berries, such as busy business people who eat breakfast at the office to home moms who colour their kids meals with the powders.

How big is the team?

At the moment it is two of us for full-time. To be honest, we are pretty bad at managing people, I guess we are just so used to do everything ourselves. So many times we have thought about hiring sales or marketing staff, maybe soon we will! We use a lot of freelancers though – graphic designers, demo people etc.


What´s are your ethos?

Honesty, transparency and sustainability. We would never say or sell something that’s not honest and good for you. We use the powders every day ourselves. We also love to spend a lot of time outdoors in the nature. Looking after our precious planet is important, and we do our best with our little company not to cause any more harm to this beautiful planet. We always try to be the best on customer service too, sometimes these days it feels like companies have shifted so far from being genuinely nice to their customers. We never want to lose that; we’ve built some great friendships- like relationships with our loyal customers.

What has been your biggest success?

We’ve been learning pretty much everything ourselves. If you face a problem, you can’t turn to your boss and be like ‘I’m stuck with this, can you help?’ You just have to find out how to proceed yourself. So getting through many phases when you thought you've hit the dead end has probably been the biggest success. And they are also the biggest learning curves!

What have been your biggest challenges?

Those phases above, this might turn into a book if we start listing them haha. There’s been a few times that we´ve both been so tired after given our all that we´ve actually thought about quitting. We’ve learned from those times though, sometimes you just need a good night of sleep to think things over. One night and if that ‘s not enough, then a few nights. Things start to look a lot different when you sleep on them. And ask for help if you’re stuck. And remember ‘if it was easy, everyone would do it’.

Where do you source the berries?

The berries come from Finland were they grow wild in the unpolluted Finnish nature with a lot of sunshine from the Midnight Sun and nutrients from the clean soil. The berries get handpicked and gently dried in a low heat so the nutrients are preserved. Studies show that wild berries can have up to three times the nutrients compared to cultivated berries and obviously no pesticides or any other sprays are used.

What are your top ways of using the powders?

Eve uses them mostly in porridge, smoothies or nice cream bowls. She is the experimenting one, always creating and trying new recipes with them. Anna’s favourite is to stir one to two teaspoons of the powder to a natural yogurt, add some sliced banana and a scoop of peanut butter on top. Anna is also very good at baking, so she’s done super yummy berry cheesecakes, pancakes etc. with the powders.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 17.14.13.png

Which one is your personal favourite?

Eve is a big fan of Arctic Lingonberry and Sea Buckthorn, she likes the enormous amount of health benefits those berries have. Anna uses a lot of Wild Blueberry, which is also our best seller. Wild Blueberry is sweet, very high in antioxidants and jam-packed with nutrients. It turns meals lovely purple, so kids seem to love it!

Looking at the health benefits, what are the differences from eating the raw berries and taking the powder?

As mentioned earlier, wild berries are more nutrient- and antioxidant rich compared to cultivated berries. Also there are no pesticides used. We actually use 700 grams of fresh berries in one 70 gram tube, so the powders are very intense. One teaspoon of powder is equivalent to a handful of fresh wildly grown berries. It’s convenient, long lasting and even a great way to reduce the amount of plastic of buying berries in punnets. If you do have a chance to get to Scandinavia to pick your own wild berries, nothing beats that though!


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