Strawberry Margarita with Dulse

Strawberry Margarita with Dulse

“May 17th is closing up on us here in Norway, and this strawberry margarita is perfect for the big day! If you didn´t know, this is the day in Norway. A common celebration is to gather early in the morning for a so called “champagne breakfast”, filled with strawberries and good food. For this years celebrations I decided to make a strawberry margarita, with dried dulse to be a little crazy, and topped off with a sweet doze of champagne.”

By Therese Elstad from My Nordic Kitchen



Yield: 2 servings

10 strawberries

0,5 dl lime juice

1 dl aquavit

1 tbsp sea salt

1 lime, zest

1 tbsp dried dulse

Crushed ice


1. Muddle the strawberries in a glass together with lime juice.

2. Stir in aquavit.

3. Mix salt, lime zest and dried dulse in a shallow plate. Use a lime wedge to make the edge of the glass wet and rim the edges with the salt mixture.

4. Add crushed ice in the glass and strain the margarita mixture over the ice.

5. Top it off with a good doze of champagne.

6. Serve and enjoy at once!

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