Nordgreen Watches

Nordgreen Watches

Scandinavian minimalistic watch brand Nordgreen, doesn´t just create beautiful watches, they also work hard on giving back and to look after each other, something highly needed and welcomed in today´s society.

Behind the successful brand are the Danish lifelong friends and watch enthusiasts Pascar and Vasilij, here to ensure thoughtful and modern products, along with the important sustainable, functional and affordable collections. Months of consideration and reflection lie behind every slight detail of their products. Doing things the “Danish way”, with pride and purpose, is on top of their list. Having less and enjoying more.

Teaming up with award winning designer Jakob Wagner, who´s worked for renowned brands such as Bang & Olufsen, Cappellini and several other leading design brands, was a decision very easy for the duo to make. Being passionate about Danish design, Scandinavian minimalism, sustainability and to give back, Norgreen´s and Jakob´s values work perfectly together. “What has become really important to me is to work solely on something … on conscious projects, that means sustainability is a given.” Jakob explains. Not surprisingly, Jakob is considered one of the best in the business, and predominant in international in Danish design, and has some genuinely iconic creations behind him, such as Bang and Olufsen´s famous headphones, to mention just some. Easy to say, Nordgreen is in safe hands.


Jakob has an interesting background in engineering and design, and also attended as a guest student at the Danish Art Academy´s Architect School. He explains how he is fascinated by the junction between technology and human culture, and mentions how the way of the Danish mindset and the love for their capital, Copenhagen, was behind the starting point of the watch designs. Something they would like to share with the rest of the world.

“One of the important ways that the Danish mind-set has influenced Danish design, I think is the concept of balance. Designing is complex, there is a million different things to take into consideration and to balance everything out in a way that it becomes a simple gesture is the goal.”

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So what does Nordgreen like to achive?

Being watch-lovers, they believe that all watches should have the absolute highest quality and the very best designs. As Danes, they believe in honest and sustainable companies, that put others first. And finally as consumers, a company that stands for all of the above, whilst being affordable, which wasn´t easy to find, and therefore, Pascar and Vasilij decided to go ahead and create it themselves.

Never leaving their Danish values behind, the “Nord” in Nordgreen, speaks for their Nordic identity, and the “Green” in Nordgreen, represents their attention for sustainability.

Working with trust and an honest environment between the team, partners and customers is key for the founders. And to make sure that their products and processes are as sustainable as possible, going back to their manufacturers, products, packaging and more.

“At Nordgreen, the Scandinavian values of generosity and social responsibility always come first.”

Therefore, the team has partnered with three global NGOs to promote change around the world in the form of health, environment and education, with the belief that everyone should have access to clean water, a clean environment and a full education. With each watch purchased, the customer has the option to give back (with no extra cost), by picking between the three below different causes they would most like to support.

Water for Good; Give two months of clean water to one person in The Central African Republic.

Pratham UK; Give two months of education to a child in India.

Cool Earth; Preserve 200 sqft of rain forest in Latin America.

“We believe the right to good health, a clean environment, and a full education are rights for all. The harsh reality, however, is that much of the world does not experience them. Motivated by our Danish values, when we founded Nordgreen, we knew we had to do our part to help to change this in whatever way we could. There was no excuse not to give back.”


20 football fields’ worth of rainforest is cut down every minute.

1 in 5 children in the Central African Republic won’t see their 5th birthday.

Almost 70% of India’s children drop out of school before year 10.

“With so many people in need of help across the globe, our Giving Back Program has become an integral part of who we are as a company, and our three partner NGOs have become an indispensable part of the Nordgreen story. But we wouldn’t be anything without you. Because we care so much about our customers, we wanted to make sure you feel good not just about the watch you buy, but about what your watch stands for. That’s why with each watch you purchase, you have the unique ability to donate part of that purchase to the cause that means the most to you. Your watch is the start of your story, and it is our hope that together, we can work toward a more sustainable planet.”

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“As Danes, we were raised with the values of simplicity and balance. To us, this means that people always come first, that sometimes it’s healthy to leave a little early on a Friday for an after-work beer, and that everything is better with a little “hygge.” The Danish lifestyle is all about removing the complexities of modern living and appreciating the little things--about having less and enjoying more.

When founding Nordgreen, we knew we wanted to find a way to translate these values into our watches.

After nearly a year of intensive collaboration, countless sleepless nights, and swimming pools’ worth of coffee, we are thrilled to present a beautiful line of watches completely designed with you in mind.

Our watches were meticulously designed to be able to be worn every day, regardless of what clothes you have on, where you’re going, or how you’re feeling, allowing you to focus on the little moments that make life worth living. Our watches don’t just tell the time: they remind you to treasure it. We are immensely proud of the result, and hope that you will be too.”



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