Homeware brand Att Pynta

Homeware brand Att Pynta

Behind the beautiful furniture and home ware brand Att Pynta is a Swede and the Brit who both grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden, by the names of Kai Price and Amanda Nelson. The two united over a shared passion for the Scandinavian aesthetics, when they were both working in fashion PR. It didn´t take long before two great minds came together and Att Pynta was born, over a typical Swedish fika break. Describing the brand as “a destination for Scandinavian style and interiors without breaking the bank”, it soon became a popular brand by many.

The broad range includes everything from handmade ceramics, knitted textiles, velvet sofas, and interesting light bulbs and much more, with a price tag so varied it suits most wallets.


"We wanted to create a site that offers contemporary affordable home ware as well as showcase inspirational ideas that people can apply to their own homes. With a large amount of young professionals either renting or being first time buyers, we wanted to establish a destination where people can inexpensively make their new or rented house feel like a home."


Att Pynta´s studio is based in Peckham, London, where anyone interested can pop in for a visit just by dropping them an email. On display you can find a range of ottomans, velvet sofas, armchairs and benches. They also have their newer linen and teddy range on show. What a great way to find some inspiration and ideas.

Another place to see the brand’s furniture collection up close is in the famous Liberty London, where you can find their selected range in the Liberty Loft space.


Their customer base is growing fast, and so is their range. Create that extra bit of warmth to your home with their very popular eponymous line of scented candles. The two candle enthusiasts both have their flats packed with them, and very much enjoyed spending time experimenting with the many different scents to find the perfect candles for Att Pynta.

Not only do they create beautiful home ware, Amanda and Kai has also been the design columnists for Evening Standard since 2016, where they give great advice on how to create a beautiful home.

"While for many the Scandi style can mean monochrome and clean lines, for us it is all about showcasing your favourite interior styles and creating a space with character and warmth.”


Some teaser tips?

Revitalise tired spaces with indoor plants and assorted vases

Bringing home fresh flowers will instantly make your home feel more welcoming, brighter and stylish. But, the right vase is essential to making it pop. A mid-century Danish vase is timeless and bang on trend, with blush pink being the Pantone colour of 2016, you can't go wrong with one of these styles.

Mix your current kitchenware with statement pieces

To create a contemporary dining setting, stick to a neutral table cloth/place matt's and introduce bursts of colour through the crockery. Pieces which are unusual in shape and texture works best for that laid-back, artisan vibe.


To get more home ideas and to shop their range, visit www.attpynta.com And don´t forget to follow the link to their blog

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