Photographing Norway with Max Igland

Photographing Norway with Max Igland

Max Igland is a 19 year old photographer from in Bergen, Norway. We spoke to Max, to find out more about his love of photography and to discus some of the amazing pictures that he ha kindly shared with us.

My interest for photography first really sparked when some of my friends and I decided to go camping on a mountain called Mount Ulriken back in 2014. Mount Ulriken is the tallest of the seven mountains surrounding Bergen, and offers a great view of both the city and the never-ending mountainous landscape. In the middle of the night we were surprised by an amazing northern lights show. Two of my friends had their cameras and captured some amazing shots. I remember thinking about how cool it was, that they were able to eternalise such a special moment. After that night I started to experiment more with taking photos, and it quickly turned into a big interest of mine.”

I decided to give photography as a career a go. I already loved shooting landscapes, so I thought I’d try to move into other fields of photography as well. From there everything started to come together, and five years later I’m finally a full time photographer.”

Most of the photos I take in my spare time are of landscapes. I love to just hike around in the mountains with my camera around my shoulder ready to shoot. Growing up in Norway, mountains has always been a big part of my life. I guess that’s why it’s one of my favourite things to photograph.

My main goal when I shoot is to create some sort of emotion. Something that really grabs your attention. It’s something that I’m still working hard to achieve.”

Bergen is by far one of my favourite places to take photos. You have everything here. Rough mountains, narrow cosy streets and in the winter time you even have the northern lights. What’s also so nice about Bergen is the fact that you have all these things (and much more!) so central. Everything is within walking distance, so you don’t need to travel by car or spend a lot of time on travelling. The “must see” places in Bergen are Ulriken, Fløyen, Bryggen and I would say Solheimsviken is pretty nice as well. The best way to experience Bergen is to explore the city by foot.”

Last summer my brother Endre and I drove though all of Norway from Oslo to Nordkapp, on an assignment for Hyundai. On the way we drove by some of the most beautiful destinations Norway has to offer. The most special one is easily the Lofoten Islands. Such a crazy landscape, put together by extreme mountains, small fishing villages, and beaches side by side. Sunnmøre is also a place certainly worth stopping by.”


Max: “This one was taken on a morning walk this winter, just a few minutes from my old apartment.


A cute little cabin on the back side of Mount Ulriken.”


Together with a friend of mine, we slept in our hammocks on top of Mount Ulriken to catch some northern lights. Luckily we were not disappointed.


A shot from our drive through Norway last summer. This is taken in Reine, Lofoten which has to be one of the craziest places I have ever seen.”


Two surfers entering the misty water in Hoddevik, ready to catch a few waves with beautiful scenery.


Enjoying one of those days above the clouds. When the clouds hang low above Bergen, it’s never a bad idea to hike up above them.


This is one of my favourites from our road trip through Norway. When you get up north in Norway, you are greeted by these lovely beings. We grabbed every chance we got, to get a few photos of them.”


With strong winds from north that almost flies away with your tent, we struggled to get a few shots. The shots you manage to get in circumstances like these are the ones you really remember though. Shot on Mount Ulriken.”


This was taken from our roof in the middle of the city. Even though I love to hike up a mountain to see the lights, it’s also very nice when all you have to do, is to put on a pair of slippers and walk up a staircase.”


One of those pretty winter sunsets, captured from Ulriken.“


The first rays of morning sunshine hitting the roofs.

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