Henrik Larsen & Copenhagen

Henrik Larsen & Copenhagen

Danish social media manager Henrik Larsen shares his love for photography on his lovely Instagram account @henriklarsen88 where he mainly features images from in or around Copenhagen. Henrik grew up in a small town in Zealand called Slangerup and after finishing high school he took a sabbatical and decided to move to Copenhagen to work. He later on started his studies at Copenhagen Business School, where he studied communications, and after graduation decided on having his permanent home in Østerbro, Copenhagen.

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When did your interest for photography grow?

My dad is a photographer so I guess my interest for visual exploration was ignited as a kid. But it was only later that my passion was reignited - particularly when Instagram came along and with that the opportunity to show others my photographs.

What defines a great picture?

Honestly, it is difficult to say as there are so many factors that make great photography. I believe I am drawn to simplicity and lines so that is what I try to capture when shooting.

Tell us about your job in social media.

I am a social media manager for Jeudan, Denmark's largest property and service company. My job is to produce, organize and analyse content for all our social media channels. I love the way my job allows me to incorporate my passion for both visual and written communication.

What positive and negative (if any) impacts do you find social media has given the world of photography?

As I mentioned before, I think Instagram has given people (like myself) a way to show their work and connect with a broader audience, which at least for me has evolved a creative way of thinking. On the other hand, I do think social media in some ways kill creativity, as focus tends to centre around certain motives like Nyhavn in Copenhagen or the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

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We know mountain biking is a big interest of yours. Do you have any great spots for this in Denmark?

I really enjoy the forests around North Zealand like Hareskoven and Lystrup but as a cycling nation Denmark has a lot of tracks all around the country.

What local restaurants do you go to, and what do you order?

I love small Italian restaurants and I can strongly recommend Beviamo at Østerbro, which serves traditional pasta at a very affordable price.

Where do you go for a nice cup of coffee? Or cake if you´re not a coffee drinker!

The best cup of coffee in Copenhagen is definitely served at The Coffee Collective in TorvehallerneKBH. Lovely taste and second to none service.

And if we feel like something stronger, where do we go for a drink and a hangout?

In Copenhagen we have something called brown bodegas, which are basically trashed bars where drunks and men in suits drink side by side. If you are in central Copenhagen around Nyhavn, go to Cafe Malmø. If you fancy something more cool and laid back, I suggest going to one of Mikkeller's beer bars or any bar at Ravnsborggade.

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If we´ve never been to Copenhagen before, what are the must-sees and what are the don´t dos?

If you arrive in the summertime, I would recommend renting a GoBoat and see the city from the waterfront. It is a cheap and fun way to both see some of the iconic buildings and explore places like Christianshavn and the modern architecture around Islands Brygge. Should you arrive in the winter or fall, I would recommend going to either Rundetårn or the tower at Christiansborg Castle and see the city from above. I do not think there is a lot you should avoid in Copenhagen, but if you do not like crowded areas with a lot of high street fashion, I would stay clear of Strøget.

What about the rest of Denmark, what other amazing spots are there to see?

There are loads of beautiful places to visit. Gudenåen near Silkeborg, Aarhus, Louisiana Museum, ARKEN and Møns Klint to name a few. But I cannot recommend Odsherred enough. My girlfriend's family has a summerhouse up there and the sunsets by the beach called Nordstrand are breath taking.

What motto do you live by?

I try to remind myself that "you miss 100 % of the chances you don’t take."

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To see more of Henrik´s work to go Instagram @henriklarsen88

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