A Norwegian Infinity House

A Norwegian Infinity House

Designed by architect Vladimir Konovalov, this breathtaking infinity house located in a remote area of northern Norway is certainly the perfect retreat to escape the busy everyday life, what a house!


Words by the architect: Northern Norway is a paradise for those, who prefer a quiet retreat in the solitude of wild nature rather than southern busy touristic places. Infinity House was designed for this specific purpose. Located in the remote area, it is surrounded by harsh northern landscapes with panoramic views of mountains and Norwegian Sea.


Simple monolithic concrete volume rises above the rocks. Raw materials create feeling of the connection with the surrounding landscape. Huge windows take advantage of spectacular views and blur the boundary between exterior and interior.


The building consists of three main elements – exterior concrete superstructure, black concrete infinity pool roof and a black box with a bathroom and a secret stair. The house is designed as one big open space, where living room, kitchen and bedroom are located.


The interiors are subtle and have predominantly monochrome tones in order not to distract from the ever changing light and colours on the outside. Enclosed black volume of the bathroom contains a stair that leads to the 21m infinity pool on the roof. The heated pool is divided in two areas – swimming lane and resting bath, providing various recreational opportunities for the owners.



Vladimir Konovalov

Website: vladimir-konovalov.com

Instagram: @vladimirkonovalov

Henrik Larsen & Copenhagen

Henrik Larsen & Copenhagen

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