Capturing the Swedish Landscape | Helena Gunnare

Capturing the Swedish Landscape | Helena Gunnare

This week Nordique is delighted to share a guest blog from Helena Gunnare, a photographer and blogger who originally hails from Swedish Lapland. Helena has been kind enough to share some of her amazing photographs, and to tell us more about her background and life in Sweden:

Helena:As I grew up in Swedish Lapland, that's the place where I really started my photographic journey. It all actually started when one day decided to borrow my parents’ camera. That was in the days when you had to buy film rolls and then send them in to get them developed.

Even then, I always brought my camera with me whenever I traveled. Back then my travels were mostly school trips and the yearly summer vacation with my family. Now, I travel all over the world in search of beautiful places, new adventures and memories. One place that will always remain closest to my heart is Mertajärvi - the small village in the northernmost part of Sweden where I grew up. There's just something special about this place that I want the rest of the world to see.”


The Northern Lights are a magical wonder that I love trying to capture. Here I was at the right place, at the right moment - my childhood home in northern Lapland. It was such a special moment and the perfect greeting as I came home


I grew up surrounded by the mountains - or ‘fjälls’ as they are called in northern Sweden. But it's not until now, when I live so far away from it all - that I truly feel like I can appreciate the amazing scenery and the calm that you only find when you're away from everyone and everything.”


I've said it to people so many times before, but it is true - sometimes it's like you're meant to be in one exact place at just the right moment. Here I was actually just driving along a dirt road with my two uncles, we had been out looking for cloudberries. When it was time to go home we were greeted with this fantastic view.


I love sunsets and I love sunrises. This is around 3 am in July, and I'm on the road between Mertajärvi and Karesuando when I'm greeted by a fantastic sunrise. A moment I will never forget.


Most of the photos I'm sharing with you are from Swedish Lapland but this is one exception. This is Gaustafallet in Jämtland - a fantastic waterfall that you can find when you're driving along Vildmarksvägen. Definitely one of my favourite waterfalls.”


I've always loved animals and especially seeing wild animals out in nature where they belong. One night when I was driving I saw two baby foxes playing on the road. When I stopped on the other side of them, they were quick to hide. I wasn't in a rush, so I decided to wait a little while, to see if they'd come out of hiding. It took less than a minute before they decided they were curious enough to come out of hiding. This little fellow and I was just looking at each other for a while and I was lucky enough to get a fantastic picture of him, or her. Patience pays off.”


Another picture taken from Vildmarksvägen in Jämtland. It's funny how you can spend almost a whole day taking pictures and yet a quick picture taken from the passenger seat in the car turns out to be one of your favourites. That happens to me a lot and I guess it just goes to show that sometimes it's the little moments that turns into great memories. Adventure doesn't have to be grand, it can be small too.”


Wintertime! One thing I love about winter and snow is that you can transport yourself to faraway places that's not as easy accessible without snow. Like this place. I'm sure it's possible to get here even in summer, but it would probably also take forever. We'd just arrived on top of this fell in Swedish Lapland when I spotted these reindeers. They were the perfect element in this picture, to show you how grand this landscape truly is.


A quiet evening in Karesuando. A lone paddler on the river, the church bathing in the afterglow of the sunset.”


Up on Nuolja in Abisko, way up north in Sweden - inside the Arctic Circle. The weather was very changeable and I wasn't sure if I should go up on the mountain or not. In the end, I decided I had to at least try and I was so happy that I did. Because while sunshine is lovely, it's the clouds that add a little something extra to a picture. Just like they did during my time there.”


Helena Gunnare

Instagram: @intehelena

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