A Summerhouse in Småland

A Summerhouse in Småland

The Swedish countryside can be a very charming place, and many people fall in love with it on their first visit to the country. But not many people fall in love to such an extent that they buy a home there as a result! That is what happened to Mirjam Klop from the Netherlands and her family when they visited Sweden for the first time in 2008.

Mirjam: “It was such a strange experience, the feeling of coming home in a country where we had never been before, but it was the quietness and the space that brought about that feeling.”

From that year on they have spent every summer holiday in Sweden, travelling around and exploring the natural delights of the Swedish landscape and countryside.

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After initially holidaying in a mobile home, Mirjam and her husband Enrico and their son and daughter made the jump to buying a holiday home in the beautiful county of Småland in the south of Sweden:

We all love Sweden and in the past few years we went to Sweden as often as possible. I even started my own little tiny web shop with Swedish antiques & Swedish ‘loppis’ (vintage) goods. So we’ve always loved everything Swedish”.

After looking for a few years, Mirjam and her family found their dream house in the forest. That was one year ago…

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Our house was built in the 1800s - a typical Swedish cabin…it was already partly renovated when we bought it, but we still had some work to do. The house still retained some wonderful original details like beautiful doors, fireplaces and a magic wood stove in the kitchen. It’s all those old details that gives a house a soul.

“The house is in a beautiful and remote areas of countryside. The nearest village with a supermarket is Mariannelund, a 20 km drive. We love the countryside, the quietness, the nature. It’s so calm and peaceful. From our house we can walk straight into the forest.”

Living in Sweden in our summerhouse is like going back to the essentials of life, like living with nature, being outdoors as much a possible (even in wintertime), sitting around the fireplace in our garden and preparing our dinner at the grill…experiencing every season at its best!

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In our tiny kitchen there’s an old wood-fired stove we use in wintertime to warm the house and we also cook on it. Such a great ‘back to basics’ feeling!

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At the heart of our house is a giant chimney and in every room there’s a fireplace. We now only use the fireplace in the living room and the wood stove in the kitchen to keep us warm in the winter.

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Hej Living - Nordique - Småland (3).JPG
Hej Living - Nordique - torp interior.jpg

This is our son’s room - I love the atmosphere, with the beechwood floor together with the old ceiling and door. The furniture is mainly antiques - I love the timeless style.”

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Our house is located in the northern part of Småland with its forest, lakes and typical red houses and endless roads with hardly any traffic. Here we spend our time outdoor as much as possible! And when we feel like it, we work and redecorate our house, but we always take it slow...We even don’t have internet so we’re on a digital diet every time when we are in Sweden and that’s okay.

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Last summer we were in Sweden for five weeks, and during that hot summer we spent every evening at the lake closest to our house. We swam until sunset and we even took a bath in the lake…Every evening it was magic again! We also spent a lot of time searching for ‘loppis’ (second hand) treasures for our house, but also for my web shop.”

In the future we might stay in Sweden for a longer time or even move to Sweden. We’ll just see what will happen. We’re already so thankful we were able to make this happen and that there’s a beautiful house in a beautiful spot… Where we can go to whenever we are able!


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