L:A Bruket -Skincare Inspired by Nature

L:A Bruket -Skincare Inspired by Nature

If you haven´t heard of L:A Bruket just yet, it´s about time! L:A Bruket is a natural and organic skincare and haircare range made on the west coast of Sweden, founded by Monica Kylén and Mats Johansson in 2008. The company is located in the well known spa town Varberg, inspired by the heritage and respect of the healing powers of the coats; the salt, seaweed and water as a priority. Their high quality range of products is formulated with the philosophy that we don´t need any chemicals to innovate skincare, and with a range including products like carrot face oil, mint bath salt, chamomile toner, black oak scented candles and broccoli seed serum, to mention just a few, we can be assured that nature plays a big part in the company´s motto, and also meet the demands of our everyday modern life.


La:Bruket also draws inspiration from the harsh and ever-changing Swedish climate, allowing them to meet the need from any situation and any place, produced meeting the highest quality expectations, with their excellent knowledge and passion of natural skincare.


“Wind, mud, salt, rock, ice, sand, water and sun in a tangle of continuous change: Swedish nature isn’t something you visit, it comes to you whenever you step outside. Under these harsh coastal conditions our skin and hair get weathered, however rather than hide from nature, we turn to it for inspiration and answers. We are uncompromising when it comes to the purity of our formulas, because to protect and restore your skin, you must nurture it with only the natural molecules it can absorb and utilize to perform better.”


Salt and seaweed are known to revitalize and nurture our skin, and closeness to the sea can help give us a sense of mindfulness and fuel us with positive energy. LA:Bruket holds a close connection with the sea and harvests their seaweed by hand every morning from the brisk coastal shores of Kattegatt Sea, just in between Sweden and Demark. The product is then traditionally dried in open air sheds ashore, a tradition that´s been done for centuries, and used for healing baths and more.


“From our products and treatments, to stores and experiences, we believe this coastal way of life is for everyone. From fishermen and wave-chasing surfers to city dwellers and globetrotters, people are drawn to the coast for their own reasons.”


The company keeps the industrial processes as minimal as possible and has a promise of transparency, meaning that they openly share the ingredients and components being used in their products, making the explanation of natural, organic, vegan and non-toxic skincare clear for people to see and understand themselves. The brand is constantly evolving, finding new revelations through natures ingredients and different combination being put together, so we are indeed never to become bored!


The company´s motto that everything used needs to be simple, durable, considered and functional to the consumer is a motto easily appreciated by most. Everything used fills a purpose, and not just in the products but also in the packaging. Their brown bottles are used for preservation purposes, designed to protect and prolong the shelf life of the natural and organic ingredients. Even the gender-neutral scents are designed with a purpose, reflecting the beneficial properties of the ingredients adding a sense of relaxation, invigoration and nourishment, depending on your specified needs. They give a sense of stimulation to more than just one sense.


“The results are best shown, never just told”

L:A Bruket is working wonders across the world! Get your product at labruket.se

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