Chocolate Balls with a Caramel Core

Chocolate Balls with a Caramel Core

Sonja from The Nordic Foodie is sharing her recipe to some delicious chocolate balls, which she created specially for Nordique’s amazing followers. Germany based Sonja has a strong passion for food and the Nordic lifestyle, and it´s easy to say she´s incredibly talented! You´ll definitely be seeing more of Sonja..


Chocolate balls with a caramel core

These chocolate balls with a caramel core are the perfect fika snack.

It is always worth having some finished caramel in the fridge. Because then the chocolate balls can be prepared very easily and quickly.


Ingredients (for 17 pieces)

160g rolled oats

90g roasted almonds or cashews

120g soft dates, pitted

80g butter

60g espresso, cold

4 tbsp maple syrup

6 tbsp raw cacao

pinch of salt



caramel from sweetened condensed milk


Topping (optional)

dark chocolate

grated coconut

chopped and roasted hazelnuts

edible flowers



1.     Put the sweetened condensed milk in a large pot. Fill the pot with enough water until the can
is completely covered.

2.     Now simmer the can at medium temperature for three hours.

3.     After three hours, open the can and place 17 teaspoons of caramel one by one on baking

4.     Place the 17 caramel pieces in the freezer for half an hour.

5.     Meanwhile, put all the other ingredients for the balls in a blender and mix them well.

6.     Remove the caramel from the freezer.

7.     Then take about 30g of the mixture and press it flat in your hand.

8.     Then you take a piece of caramel and place it in the middle.

9.     Place the mixture around the caramel and form a ball with your hands. Repeat this 16 times.

10.  For the topping you can melt some dark chocolate in a pot and dunk the balls into it.

11.  At the end you can decorate them with chopped and roasted hazelnuts, grated coconut or edible flowers. Whatever you like.



This recipe was created by Sonja from The Nordic Foodie

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