Scändic Beauty Skincare

Scändic Beauty Skincare

Deb Uhrberg and her Swedish husband Anders founded Swedish skincare brand Scändic Beauty in Colorado 2016, although the idea has been there since 2007. The first 18 months was spent working on the branding, finding a laboratory, determining products to manufacture and performing human clinical testing, (since the brand is 100% against animal testing and fully vegan), before the launch in January 2018.

“Born and raised in Sweden, Anders grew up surrounded by the abundance of nature—including many resilient and robust botanicals unique to the extreme Scandinavian climate. His high esteem for Swedish quality paired with his culturally characteristic drive for minimalistic efficiency gave him the idea to start a skincare line that would nourish skin and reset it back to its healthiest, most ideal state.”


With Deb’s background in the medial field and Anders having worked with medical devices for most of his career, it is needless to say we feel safe in their hands!

“My background as a Registered Nurse has helped guide our formulation process, and my experiences in the medical field have taught me what the body wants and needs, along with what it doesn’t. That’s why our products only contain biocompatible ingredients that skin can recognise, accept and process. Every ingredient has been carefully selected for its own beneficial purpose—making each product highly effective and non-irritating.“

At a high level, the top ingredients in Scändic Beauty are Swedish botanicals, peptides, amino acids, botanical stem cells and vitamins. They have a plethora of natural botanicals and all of the ingredients are naturally derived and biocompatible. Some of the popular Scandinavian ingredients used are cloudberry, sweet birch oil, horsetail, sea buckthorn and rose hip, to mention a few, and the brand do not use any harmful fillers, petroleum derivatives, parabens, phthalates, sulfates or SLS’s.

“We strive to incorporate the best of modern skincare science with the highest quality natural ingredients in all our products. We call this the Scandinavian difference, which is the high standard we hold ourselves to and what we believe really sets us apart.”

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Each ingredient has a beneficial purpose and is carefully selected, giving us highly effective, yet gentle products. The products are highly potent, resulting in quick results that continue to restore the skin to optimal health and appearance.

“My husband Anders and I created Scändic Beauty with the mission to bring truly exceptional, performance-based Swedish skincare to the US. Our approach to realise our vision has been driven by our core values: a focus on healthy skin, protecting our planet and giving back to our community. If we want to harness Mother Nature’s soothing and healing botanicals for our products, it doesn’t make sense for us to unnecessarily harm the planet in the process. We are committed to reducing waste and using only recyclable materials for our packaging. Our serums come in glass bottles and everything else in recyclable BPA-free plastic. Our lab is cGMP compliant—meaning it complies with the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations. Such regulations ensure products are safe for use and meet all ingredient and strength claims. Needless to say we have zero tolerance for animal testing, so you can rest assured our products are cruelty-free—and also vegan-friendly and gluten-free.”

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Not only are they looking after our planet, the couple have also thoughtfully chosen to donate a percentage of sales to anti-bullying program Friends in Colorado, an organisation started in Sweden, which is a unique and highly effective program due to its different approaches to bullying. They work on a “whole organisation approach”, meaning that all staff and management, as well as children and youth and their parents are involved. Friends provides knowledge and tools so that those working with children and young people are better equipped to working against bullying, harassment and acts of intimidation.

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