The True Story of the Naked Female Body

The True Story of the Naked Female Body

Danish artist Kira Lykke is based in Copenhagen, and also works from her studio in the north of the city. She explains that her innovative drawings show the true story of the naked female body. If you´re passing by Denmark, Lykke is showing some well selected works at Galleri ArtCompaz in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, and its definitely worth checking out.

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When did you start drawing?

I loved drawing from the very first time I had a pen in my hand as a little girl. I have a bachelor degree in design and business, so some of my creative skills might have developed during this school period.

Whilst studying in my 20s, acrylic painting took up a lot of my time, and one late night just around my 30th birthday, I sat down with a pen in my hands again, and have been hooked ever since.

Can you tell us about your formative years as an artist?

I work very impulsively. I never do sketches but get the idea of how I want the work to end up whilst I am doing it. With most of my drawings I work with the idea not to lift the pen whilst drawing so that the female figure is done in one single line. I love the beauty of the imperfections in life, and also when if comes to the human bodies. The transformation that the female form goes trough during its lifetime is very fascinating.

I am a very sensitive person so every woman I draw carries a bit of my own life story or emotional mood that I had that specific moment when the drawing was created. I feel that my art is a visual mood board of my own life, even though if at first sight seems like random unknown women. It is not. Every drawing has a unique story to tell.

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Is there a message you would like to spread through your art?

The message I want my drawings to show is first of all how amazing and perfectly imperfect women’s bodies are. We are strong but terrible fragile at the same time, which to me is very beautiful.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration in my own life. Because of my sensitivity my inspiration is mostly there when I feel a lot, or sometimes even feel too much. At that time I don´t even think of the drawing as being my career, but simply because my mind needs it. At that point I only draw for myself.

Do you have any upcoming exhibitions or collaborations?

My drawing can bee seen at Galler Artcompaz in Copenhagen and at different art exhibitions around Zealand during 2019. Next time is at Ministry of environments art organization in March.

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

Every time I sell an artwork I actually feel like I´ve achieved something big. Knowing that my work will hang somewhere perhaps for many years to come, and will touch someone and mean something for someone else, means a lot to me.

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What´s the dream?

My dream is to one day get the possibility to hold exhibitions at interesting galleries outside Denmark.

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