Foodie-Lover Michelle Petersen

Foodie-Lover Michelle Petersen

This week we are profiling foodie and animal lover Michelle Petersen who lives in Copenhagen. On her inspirational instagram page @michelletolbol she displays her beautiful food imagery and adorable snap shots of her animals - what’s not to love!?


Where are your favourite places do dine out in Copenhagen?

Michelle: “At the moment my favourite places to dine out are Høst and Barr. Høst serves Scandinavian food with a modern twist and is definitely worth a visit – or two! The restaurant Barr is located on Christianshavn, the exact place Noma used to be. The food is amazing and they have something for everyone – a very popular schnitzel if you eat meat, and if you prefer vegetarian food they have some wonderful options as well.”


What do you like to cook at home?

I love to cook. At home I cook vegetarian and vegan food. I was raised on traditional European food and dining out was a big part of my upbringing. So cooking more vegetarian and vegan dishes has been a fun challenge and I really enjoy experimenting in the kitchen.


This dish that I made is filled squash salad with chickpeas, arugula, red cabbage and a lot of strawberries!


You display beautiful breakfast pictures on Instagram - what is your favourite breakfast?

“My favourite breakfast really depends on the season. In the summer it’s definitely amazing vegetable based smoothie bowls whereas I do like a simple warm porridge in the winter time. Try a water based porridge with almond butter and cinnamon for an amazing vegan breakfast. That’s an amazing way to start a cold winter morning.”

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How do you start your day?

“I’m definitely a morning person. I usually wake up quite early and most days I start the day at the gym. I love the early mornings were everything is quiet – even in the middle of the city. There is something special about being up and getting things done before anybody else are awake.”


Tell us a about your adorable bunnies!

“I have two bunnies. A Dutch bunny named Baby that I got three years ago. I was at a market where they sold bunnies in a tent. There was this couple who wanted to buy her for their grandchildren so they would have something to play with when they visited. This sounded so horrible to me that I bought her instantly. I’m not good with names and I had no idea what to name her, so I just called the little new bunny Baby and after a couple of weeks it was to late to change because she started to react to it.


I have another bunny as well that was named “Buller” when I got him l. He is a wonderful lionhead that a adopted later. He is the most gentle little fur-ball in the world and the two of them are best friends. Both of my bunnies are cage free and trained to use a litter box. It’s hard work to have bunnies like this – they leave hay everywhere! But in my opinion it’s the only way you should keep bunnies – you wouldn’t put your cat or dog in a cage, so why put your bunny in one? They are just as smart and they need to be able to move around freely for their health.”

See more of Michelle’s inspirational food journey and to follow her adorable bunnies at her instagram: @michelletolboll

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