At Home With Trine Ravn Palmér!

At Home With Trine Ravn Palmér!

This beautiful country home, located near Eskilstuna, in the east of Sweden, belongs to 31 year old Trine Ravn Palmér. Trine’s natural talent for interior design comes to the fore, with rich layers of monotones, rustic woods and bohemian furniture pieces creating a modern yet cosy home.

My style is a kind of combination of things that I think are pretty, and are perhaps best described as rustic and Nordic bohemian. My heart skips a beat for the colour combination of black, white and wood.” - Trine


The main underlying colour scheme in Trine’s home is a clean black and white monochrome. White wooden flooring, white painted walls and core black furniture pieces help to create a modern Scandinavian look. The rustic wooden table, rattan rug and Arabic inspired lamp create depth and individuality in the home. One of Trine’s favourite pieces in her home is the kitchen table, which she actually built herself from old boards that she found in her barn.

Recycling and home crafts is another thing that Trine loves - for example the black cabinet is bought second hand and then painted. New is not always best!


Inspiration for me is available everywhere. My main source of inspiration I get from Instagram and interior magazines. I really get inspiration from different types of homes and from these I take what I like the most and make my own interpretation of a design scheme.” - Trine


The bedroom is a super stylish bohemian affair, with navajo patterned throws, cosy cushions and a dramatic floor to ceiling bedhead. Dream-catchers hang from a branch above the bed, creating an eclectic look, which is paired with a warm, cosy colour scheme.


The black and white kitchen is beautifully done, with white wooden floors complementing the effect of the white metro wall tiles. The rattan rug brings warmth and a consistency to the colour scheme.

”I like a neutral base, a kitchen does not have to be anything remarkable or expensive. The kitchen is actually an ordinary IKEA kitchen, which I instead try to do a little more fun and more personally by adding details. For me, it's perfect this way as I like variety and re-decorate with new details instead of spending lots of money on something that you might be tired of eventually.” - Trine


What a stunning bathroom! The metro tiles and large round mirror create a bold backdrop to the room, while the freestanding bathtub and rattan baskets filled with thick towels creates a feeling of luxury and indulgence.

“Just like the kitchen, we chose cheaper materials and furnishings when it was time to renovate the bathroom. The black tub was something I knew I wanted early on and I love contrasts! I am so pleased with this choice as I think it completes the whole bathroom scheme. The finer interior details we can always variate to change the entire feeling in the bathroom!” - Trine


See more of Trine’s home at her instagram @bytrineravn

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