At home with Camilla Larsson!

At home with Camilla Larsson!

Camilla Larsson is a self-confessed home and interior design enthusiast. She lives in Nyköping close to Stockholm in Sweden with her family and showcases her love of interior design through her beautiful instagram page: @inasfina

Camilla lives in a wonderful house near the sea, a beautiful spot particularly during the glorious summer that Sweden has been experiencing this year.  "I love being close to nature, particularly areas where we can take long strolls as a family." Camilla told us.  The house itself was constructed in the 1970s in a typical style. "It's a practical place that is easy to renovate. Walls have been built up and demolished to create the exact floor plan solution that we were looking for."


Nordique: Where do you get your interior inspiration from?

Camilla: "Instagram and Pinterest are really good, accessible sources of interior inspiration. Interior magazines can also be great. I do also enjoy taking inspiration from the environment around me - particularly the beautiful natural environment close to where we live or on my travels."


What is your favourite decorative piece in your home and why?

C: "Hmmm, that's difficult! I generally love art, textiles, ceramics and lighting - essential items in creating a beautiful and personal home. But if I had to choose one thing, it would be our little round wooden dining table that I found at a flea market. It's old, not particularly decorative and too small. Very impractical but so beautiful!"


Which room do you spend the most time in your home?

C: "We have an open plan kitchen and living area, which offers us plenty of space. Although it is messy in some places in the house, I try to keep it nice and harmonious there. As a result it's where we spend the most time when we are home. It's where we eat our dinners as a family, read, hang out and relax."


Can you give your top three design tips to create a modern Nordic country look?

C: "Whether you want a modern style or something more bohemian, I think it's important to create a cozy feeling with the use of textiles. Using a sheepskin throw and beautiful pillows, preferably in natural materials such as linen, can really alter the way a room feels."


"Another tip of mine - a beautiful wood or ceramic vase can be really worth the investment and can be a feature piece in your home for years.  Fill it with fresh flowers to give a real lift.."


"My final tip is to try to add some small details in black or dark colours, to give real modern dynamism to the room. It doesn't have to be anything too large or severe - for example a small table lamp or candle holder could really do the trick!"


 Who is your favourite designer? 

"I love Børge Mogensen. His chairs are at the top of my wish list."

Finnish photographer Joel Hyppönen

Finnish photographer Joel Hyppönen

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Restaurang Spill