Helle´s Vegetarian Summer Menu

Helle´s Vegetarian Summer Menu

Norwegian food blogger Helle K Bakkeland runs the blog Helle’s Food Story, where she shares some delicious recipes with her followers. She started cooking from a very young age and took a strong interest at the cooking classes at school. Helle grew up with homemade, traditional food with products grown at the small farm by the coast where she grew up. They had their own pigs and grew various vegetables, potatoes, berries and fruit, and also had a father who went out fishing nearly every day.


“I am self taught, with very good inspiration from my mum to start with. I have always enjoyed reading cooking books and magazines, and often cooked for friends - some of them had to go through a lot of experiments! Norwegian food is very diverse, but if you come from the coast, as I do, you will typically eat a lot of fish, if you are from the inland you will probably eat a lot of meat. Today there is so many excellent chefs in Norway and the trend is to use «old fashion» ingredients and to use all parts of the animals. I myself eat nearly everything, but I´m not super keen on liver, lungs and stuff like that. I love fish and shellfish and eat as much of that as possible. The most traditional dish in Norway I believe is something we call «fårikål» which is a kind of lamb stew with cabbage, something we normally eat in the late autumn. “



Starter: Asparagus with crème fraiche hazelnuts






1 bundle Hvasser Asparagus 

1 dl cremé fraishe 

The juice of about 1/2 lemon 

A pinch of freshly ground pepper 

Roasted and chopped hazelnuts 



Mix the lemon juice with cremé fraishe and purple pepper, chop hazelnuts and shake them in the pan. Feel free to split some of the asparagus in two and cook them easily in the pan.  Add cremé fraishe to the bottom, asparagus next, a little aragula on the top and sprinkle with hazelnuts - enjoy!



Main: Fried cauliflower rice





1 tbs ginger, shredded,
2 glove of garlic, shredded
2 tbs olive oil
2 carrot, cut in small cubes
50-gram sugar pies, finely chopped
50-gram kale, finely chopped
1 cauliflower
1 tbs soya sauce
1 tbs apple vinegar
1 tbs Sriracha chilli sauce
a bit of freshly grounded pepper
1/2 tbs salt


Split the cauliflower and put into a food processor. Run the "pulse" 3-4 times, until you have a rice “looking” cauliflower. Mix the soya sauce, vinegar, chilli sauce, pepper and salt and shake well.  Heat the oil in a wok, add the carrots, ginger and garlic and fry for 1 minute, add the cauliflower, sugar pies and kale into the wok, pour the sauce-mix into the wok and fry until the cauliflower is al-dente, approx. 3-4 minutes. Serve immediately and decorate with chilli and spring onions.


Dessert: Rhubarb soup






500g rhubarb, chopped into small pieces

100-gram sugar

6-8 dl water



Peel the rhubarb and cut into small pieces. Put the rhubarb into a saucepan with the water and cook until the rhubarb is tender and has start to split, add sugar and taste. Some of the rhubarb is not very sweet at all and add more sugar if needed. The one we had in the garden when I was a child was very sour! Squeeze a bit of lime into the soup and serve warm or cold, if you have sour cream, crème, crème fraiche or vanilla ice cream – put that on top.




To find more amazing recipes from Helle, visit her website www.hellesfoodstory.com


Photographing Finland with Toni Töyräs

Photographing Finland with Toni Töyräs

Villa Ljung by Johan Sundberg

Villa Ljung by Johan Sundberg